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11/18/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Article #1 of 7: Glenn Neely's perspective on Elliott Wave principle -- and advice for profitable trading

This is Part 1 of a 7-part series in which Glenn Neely, author of Mastering Elliott Wave, reveals surprising forecasting and trading concepts based on his unique point of view as a world-renowned Wave analysis and forecasting expert.
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10/31/2019 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave's customer account is up 12.5% for 2019

Adding up ALL trades taken this year in NEoWave's Trading service, our customer account is UP!
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10/26/2019 - NEoWave Staff

88% of NEoWave's trades are in PROFIT

NEoWave's real-world customer account is holding 25 positions, and 88% of those trades are in PROFIT (i.e., 22 of 25 are In-the-Money)!
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10/23/2019 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave Equity Fund's best year EVER -- Up 20.93% for 2019

Glenn Neely's changes to the NEoWave Equity Fund have produced the best results ever -- even better than the S&P 500 by 2.19%! 
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10/3/2019 - NEoWave Staff

85% of NEoWave's positions are making money!

Today, Glenn Neely shared an announcement about the NEoWave Trading service, powered by Neely River technology. If you are not getting the trading results you seek, click to learn more about this exciting news. 
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9/23/2019 - NEoWave Staff

FREE video mini-course: Neely River Trading

In this FREE, 3-part video series, Elliott Wave innovator Glenn Neely explains his groundbreaking technology: Neely River Trading.
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9/18/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Introductory webinar series: "Mastering Elliott Wave"

Get Elliott Wave and NEoWave TRAINING at our lowest price ever in this chapter-by-chapter review and explanation of Glenn Neely's Famous book, Mastering Elliott Wave. This webinar series is personally presented by Glenn Neely. 
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8/21/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Despite WILD MARKETS, NEoWave Trading service customers are making money!

NEoWave Trading service reaped 102% profit in less than 2 months in an Energy ETF! Thanks to Glenn Neely's strategic Options trading, 76% of our positions are making money, with a 15% ROI in just 3 months. Annualized, that is 60% per year!
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7/24/2019 - NEoWave Staff

NEW! Choose 3 ways to learn advanced trading & forecasting strategies directly from Glenn Neely

Due to increasing demand, NEoWave now offers 3 ways to learn trading and forecasting strategies directly from Glenn Neely, internationally recognized as a trading adviser and advanced Elliott Wave forecaster. 
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7/19/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Glenn Neely's NEoWave Equity Fund is UP 23.93% for 2019!

In addition, the NEoWave Equity Fund is outperforming the S&P 500 by 5.39%. Read this fascinating discussion on the history - and future - of the Fund by Fund Manager Glenn Neely. 
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7/4/2019 - NEoWave Staff

90% of our trades are making money!

NEoWave Trading service customers currently have 20 positions across 4 major market categories. Right now, 90% of our holdings are making money. Curious? Click to learn more!
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5/29/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Have you been impacted by another BIG market decline?

If you're tired of the recent market swings, you'll be interested to know that NEoWave's TRADING customers have only been minimally affected. Here's why...
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5/28/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Become a better trader -- Guaranteed!

Increase your profits -- or your money back! This is your opportunity to learn Glenn Neely's Neely River Trading Technology in a semi-private class.
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5/23/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Did you make money today? We did!

Earlier today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down nearly 400 points. Despite this scary opening, our real-time, real-money customer account experienced a slight INCREASE in value -- not a decrease. How is this possible? Review 3 trading strategies that help to ensure NEoWave's TRADING services can make money whether a market goes up, down or sideways.
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4/3/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Act now! Get a FREE NEoWave Forecasting Trial Subscription

Interested in learning Advanced Elliott Wave? Here's your chance to get started -- and it's FREE! Act now: This offer is good through April 15, 2019. 
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3/19/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Register now! Glenn Neely to present a live training series on his classic book, "Mastering Elliott Wave"

In response to strong international interest, Glenn Neely will present a series of LIVE training sessions, each covering a chapter of Mastering Elliott Wave. No matter what your experience level, you can learn a great deal from this world-renowed Wave Theory expert!
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3/14/2019 - NEoWave Staff

FREE RECORDED WEBINAR: Introduction to Glenn Neely's book "Mastering Elliott Wave"

In this FREE training session, Glenn Neely reviews Chapter 1 of his classic book. Here's how to get this recorded webinar. 
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3/5/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Do you follow or trade Bitcoin?

Now, following Glenn Neely's advice in the NEoWave Trading service, subscribers can follow and trade GBTC, a Bitcoin-related ETF.
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2/13/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Hear new interview with Glenn Neely: "The Benefits of Trading Options"

Glenn Neely has recently enhanced NEoWave’s Trading services by adding Options coverage, which provides tremendous flexibility. Listen to a 24-minute interview with Glenn Neely -- learn how this strategy supports the dual goals of preserving capital and extracting profit.
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2/11/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Watch Glenn Neely's new videos on his trading strategy: "Introduction to Neely River Trading Technology"

About 15 years ago, trading advisor Glenn Neely had a "euraka moment" about trading the markets. He calls this unique and exciting trading strategy "Neely River Theory." Click to learn more and get links to 2 FREE introductory videos. 
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2/10/2019 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave Trading service: Buy 1, Get 1 Free!

During the month of February, you can buy one TRADING service and get the second at no cost! ACT NOW to fully experience the enhanced NEoWave TRADING service.

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1/15/2019 - NEoWave Staff

NOW BOOKING: NEoWave's Neely River Professional Trading Course

SAVE BIG on NEoWave's first-ever NEELY RIVER PROFESSIONAL TRADING Group Course. We're now booking for February 2019 for this 4-person online professional trading seminar, personally taught by Glenn Neely.
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1/8/2019 - NEoWave Staff

ACT NOW: This is your last month to subscribe to NEoWave's Forecasting Service at the 2018 price

Whether you currently subscribe to the NEoWave Forecasting Service -- or have had an interest in subscribing -- NOW is the time to ADD this service. You can get a year of the NEoWave Forecasting Service (or add another year of service) for just $149. Starting in February, the price will increase to $179/year. 
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12/18/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Save as much as 75% on our Holiday Special!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to save on the NEoWave Trading Service and NEoWave Forecasting Service. If you're a trader or Elliott Wave afficionado, this deal is for YOU. Learn more - and ACT NOW - this special ends on December 31, 2018.
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12/4/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Check out NEoWave's new, FREE class: Wave forecasting / Wave analysis video class, presented by Glenn Neely

In this 36-minute educational class, Mr. Neely steps through basic NEoWave concepts, then follows a step-by-step approach to apply these concepts to real-time Wave charts. Even if you’re a long-time subscriber to NEoWave’s Forecasting service, you’ll find Mr. Neely’s explanations enlightening. 
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11/8/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Exciting news about the NEoWave Equity Fund: Glenn Neely is now the fund's largest investor!

Glenn Neely, founder of the NEoWave Equity Fund, is now the fund's largest investor. Now is the time to invest in the NEoWave Equity Fund -- before the 2019 bear market and before the S&P begins its final mania phase and post-bull-market "crash." 
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10/31/2018 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave is now offering an ADVANCED WAVE ANALYSIS COURSE scheduled specifically for those in Europe and North America

If you're located in Europe or North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico), this is your opportunity to learn wave analysis directlly from NEoWave's Glenn Neely. Register now -- this semi-private course is limited to just 4 participants. 
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10/29/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Important update: NEoWave S&P Forecast

Late-afternoon October 29, 2018, NEoWave's Glenn Neely released the following critical update regarding S&P forecasting. In his notification, Mr. Neely says: "I wanted everyone to know of the change in perspective that Wave structure and behavior is now forcing."
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10/25/2018 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave stock market update

On the evening of October 24, 2018, NEoWave's Glenn Neely released an important notification regarding the stock market's decline and wave structure. At the conclusion of his notice, Mr. Neely predicts that "2019 will be an EPIC year for the U.S. stock market and the world." 
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10/16/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Announcing NEoWave's "Advanced Wave Analysis Course" for Asia, India, Russia, and Australia

Limited to 25 people, this real-time course presented by NEoWave's Glenn Neely is specifically designed and scheduled for Elliott Wave enthusiasts in Asia, India, Russia and Australia. Take advantage of this 3-MONTH course for just $795. (Our lowest price ever!) 
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10/13/2018 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave's nearly perfect year of S&P forecasts continues!

On October 10, 2018, Glenn Neely -- Elliott Wave forecaster, trading advisor, and founder of NEoWave, Inc. -- emailed an update to NEoWave subscribers noting his 2018 forecasting track record for the S&P. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding." Here is Mr. Neely's letter, which lists proof of NEoWave's on-target Wave forecasting for the S&P.
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9/26/2018 - NEoWave Staff

2018 has been the BEST year for NEoWave S&P Forecasting in the last 10 years! (We have proof)

NEoWave's ability to forecast the S&P went from "dull" to INCREDIBLE starting February 2018! Without hesitation, 2018 has been the BEST year for NEoWave S&P Forecasting in the last 10 years! Keep reading for proof...
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7/17/2018 - NEoWave Staff

In 2018, Timer Digest continues to rank NEoWave founder Glenn Neely as a Top Timer

NEoWave founder Glenn Neely is on a roll. So far this year, Timer Digest has repeatedly recognized Mr. Neely as a Top Timer for 3 major markets: the S&P, Bonds, and Gold.
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7/8/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Urgent message from Glenn Neely: "Precise Wave forecasts are again possible. In the next 6 months, US stock market should enter the final phase of its 10-year Bull market."

Today, NEoWave founder Glenn Neely sent the following urgent message to NEoWave subscribers. We are sharing his message here, in this public forum, so all trading professionals and Elliott Wave forecasting enthusiasts can benefit from Mr. Neely's keen insight. Here is a key point: "In the next 6 months, the U.S. stock market should enter the FINAL PHASE of its 10-year bull market."
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6/29/2018 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave's current group training is sold out! Next "Advanced Wave Analysis" course starts September 2018

"ADVANCED WAVE ANALYSIS: Learn to Apply NEoWave in Real-Time"
Our new group training classes are a HIT! The first class SOLD OUT in 48 hours! Based on high demand, we've decided to offer a second group training course, starting in September. In these classes, you will learn advanced Wave analysis led by NEoWave founder Glenn Neely. This 3-month, live-training course takes you beyond orthodox Elliott Wave, providing a step-by-step logical foundation for better forecasting and trading.
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6/26/2018 - NEoWave Staff

CHECK OUT THIS LIST: NEoWave follows hundreds of ETFs in 4 major markets (World Equities, Commodities, Currencies, and Fixed Income/Real Estate)

On January 1 of this year, the NEoWave Trading service expanded into hundreds of U.S. stocks, ETFs, options and global markets. Each day, NEoWave scans ETFs in US and world equity markets, commodity-related markets, currency-related markets, and fixed income and real estate-related markets. Click to view this impressive list. Are the markets you follow listed?
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5/31/2018 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave update: Keeping your data secure

At NEoWave, we believe that keeping customers' personal data secure is a responsibility no company should take lightly. We invite you to read this brief blog article to learn how NEoWave protects our customers by using their information in a safe, secure, and responsible manner. A key point: Qualys SSL Labs gives an A rating for's security score! This ensures your credit card and personal information is secure and offers peace of mind when purchasing NEoWave services.
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4/17/2018 - NEoWave Staff

New Affordable GROUP Wave Analysis Training Course

For the first time ever, you can learn advanced Wave analysis in a semi-private training led by NEoWave founder Glenn Neely. This 3-month, live-training Wave analysis course takes you beyond orthodox Elliott Wave forecasting and analysis, providing a step-by-step logical foundation for better Wave forecasting and trading.
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2/15/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Announcing the significant expansion of NEoWave's Trading service

Beginning January 1, 2018, NEoWave's Trading service expanded into thousands of markets, added Options trading, and eliminated Futures markets. Combined, these changes to the NEoWave Trading service will have a profound long-term impact on your ability to make money and protect profits. 
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2/13/2018 - NEoWave Staff

The February 2018 big decline did NOT impact NEoWave subscribers

Glenn Neely, founder of NEoWave, Inc., emailed a notice to NEoWave subscribers on February 6, 2018, following the stock market's severe sell-off. The bottom line: Thanks to NEoWave's portfolio of Long and Short positions (along with "protected" options positions), the severe sell-off did not negatively impact the NEoWave trading account at all. Take a moment to read this brief update from Glenn Neely.
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1/29/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Glenn Neely is recognized as a Top Timer for 20+ years -- and more than 200 times!

The NEoWave team is thrilled to report that, in its Special Annual Report, Timer Digest once again recognized Glenn Neely as a Top Timer in 3 markets: the S&P, Bonds and Gold. In fact, Mr. Neely has consistently ranked as a Top Timer in these 3 markets for more than two decades. Over the years, Timer Digest has recognized Glenn Neely more than 200 times!
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11/21/2017 - NEoWave Staff

[Elliot Wave] Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes: Tips to improve your Wave counts & trading results

Wave Forecaster Glenn Neely puts it simply: “You can’t have a good trade unless you have a good Wave count. You can’t have a good Wave count if you disregard certain price and time rules.” Here are the 5 common mistakes made by Elliot Wave analysts – and how to conquer them. 
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9/19/2017 - NEoWave Staff

Top S&P Timer and ElliottWave expert Glenn Neely discusses his trading philosophy: Neely River Trading Technology

The recent "Timer Digest" issue ranks ElliottWave expert Glenn Neely as a Top S&P Timer. In this article, he discusses his trading philosophy: Neely River Trading Technology. Glenn Neely summarizes his theory: "The first step in Neely River Trading Technology is realizing there is a connection between the behavior of water flowing through a river and the behavior of traders and money flowing through a market."
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5/24/2017 - NEoWave Staff

Announcing 2 Powerful, Simple and FREE Educational Tools: Infographic & Audio Interview with Glenn Neely

You can now get 2 powerful, simple, and FREE educational tools by Glenn Neely, Elliott Wave Forecaster and NEoWave Trading Advisor: (1) Infographic (2) Recorded interview with Glenn Neely
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2/15/2017 - NEoWave Staff

Watch this new video on the NEoWave Trading service

Are you interested in NEoWave analysis and NEoWave trading advice from Glenn Neely? Take 2 minutes to see “what you get” with the NEoWave Trading service for these 4 markets: the S&P, Gold, Euro, and T-Notes. 
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2/15/2017 - NEoWave Staff

Interested in Elliott Wave theory? We invite you to watch this short video.

In this 3-minute video on NEoWave's Forecasting service, you’ll see several example Elliott Wave theory forecasting charts, personally created by Glenn Neely. 
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2/1/2017 - NEoWave Staff

Glenn Neely recognized as Top Timer in 3 markets: The S&P, Bonds, and Gold

Timer Digest’s 2017 Special Annual Report presents multiple listings of NEoWave International's Glenn Neely, who continues to be recognized as a Top Timer in 3 markets: the S&P, Bonds and Gold.
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1/11/2017 - NEoWave Staff

Experience Elliott Wave and NEoWave: Get the 2-week NEoWave Trial subscription for $39 and get 2 weeks free

For a limited time, purchase the 2-week Trial subscription for only $39 and get 2 weeks free. (You save $141.)  This means you can “test drive” all NEoWave Trading and Forecasting services for 4 weeks.
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1/11/2017 - NEoWave Staff

Take 3 minutes to learn about the NEoWave Trading service & Glenn Neely's Elliott Wave Forecasting service

Ever wonder what you get when you subscribe to NEoWave's Trading service or Forecasting service? Give us just 3 minutes of your time to find out! Watch our new 3-minute "what you get" videos.
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1/11/2017 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave subscribers: There's a wealth of data at your fingertips! Here's how to access recent and historic updates in your NEoWave personal account

If you're a subscriber, it's easy to login to your personal account to access current and past updates for the Trading service and Forecasting service. Here's how...
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10/4/2016 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave website's security score is nearly perfect

We're pleased to note that Qualys SSL Labs gives NEoWave’s website an A+ rating with a nearly perfect score. This ensures your credit card purchases are secure and offers peace of mind when you purchase the NEoWave Trading service or the NEoWave Forecasting service.
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7/14/2016 - NEoWave Staff

Announcing a NEoWave technical achievement

Editor's note: Glenn Neely announced a technical achievement to NEoWave Trading service subscribers, which he calls his MOAT Index. We're sharing it here, on the NEoWave blog since, as Mr. Neely wrote, "This technical achievement will dramatically enhance my ability to call market tops and bottoms and enhance our entries and stop movements." He added: "For example, in 1987, the day of the U.S. stock market peak, my MOAT Index warned (and I warned clients) that the U.S. was at its most over-bought condition in history and was ready for a massive decline!"
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6/2/2016 - NEoWave Staff

Ready to up your trading game? Take advantage of this limited-time discount for Glenn Neely's Professional Trading Course

For a short time, you can take advantage of a rare opening in Glenn Neely's schedule to participate in his one-of-a-kind Professional Trading Course at a 25% reduction in price. 
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5/10/2016 - NEoWave Staff

Details on Glenn Neely's NEW top-down trading strategy

This week, Glenn Neely shared an insightful note - his "eureka moment" - with NEoWave Trading subscribers. We're sharing it here, on the NEoWave blog, since this discussion of "top-down" Elliott Wave analysis and "top-down" trading strategy is useful for anyone who follows, analyzes, and trades the stock market.
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4/28/2016 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave: Glenn Neely is Top Timer in 3 Trading Markets

Despite challenging market conditions, Glenn Neely continues as top-ranking Timer in the S&P, Bonds, and Gold trading markets.
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4/26/2016 - NEoWave Staff

Tax Season Discount on Trading and Forecasting Services

During the month of April, all Bundled NEoWave services (a combination of Trading and Forecasting services) will be available for 50% OFF - that's just US$197.50 per market, instead of the usual $395.00/market.
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3/30/2016 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave Website Awarded

Qualys SSL Labs’ gave its highest rating, which assures even greater safety and security when using our website.
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3/8/2016 - NEoWave Staff

Glenn Neely Named Top Timer for S&P, Bonds & Gold

Glenn Neely recognized as Top Timer in 3 markets: the S&P, Bonds and Gold.
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2/28/2016 - NEoWave Staff

Consistent Trading Recommendations

Glenn Neely is #3 Long-Term Timer, recognized by "Timer Digest."
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11/30/2015 - NEoWave Staff

Market Forecaster, Glenn Neely, Again Recognized as a Top Timer

Timer Digest releases its picks for November’s Top Timers in market forecasting.
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11/23/2015 - NEoWave Staff

Celebrating 25 Years of Mastering Elliott Wave

Mastering Elliott Wave is the must-have book for anyone interested in market forecasting. It is the result of Glenn Neely's research, teaching and real-time trading, written to help people better understand and apply a more refined Elliott Wave theory to their trading strategies.
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