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NEoWave Forecasting Service: Master Elliott Wave Forecasts

Learn Wave analysis concepts to improve your own market predictions

Learn to apply advanced NEoWave concepts to orthodox Elliott Wave theory on real-time price charts. This educational service enables you to experience the application of Elliott Wave analysis with short-term charts (employing weekly data), intermediate-term charts (employing monthly data), and long-term charts (employing 6-monthly data).

Here's what you get:

  • WEEKLY - If you want to learn how to apply NEoWave forecasting techniques to short-term wave charts (employing weekly data), this is the perfect timeframe for you.
  • MONTHLY - If you're looking for intermediate-term market insight and Wave theory education, plus you're a do-it-yourself investor, focus on these charts (employing monthly data).
  • 1/2-YEARLY - Published to subscribers in January and July, these long-term wave charts (employing 6-monthly data) offer significant perspective.

Improve your Elliott Wave analysis: Gain insights and learn advanced techniques

Every week, receive charts presenting NEoWave market forecasts on the markets of your choice, along with Glenn Neely's insightful analysis. Learn unique Wave analysis techniques to enhance your market perspective. (View performance results.)

  • Forecasting charts employing daily-data - If you're interested in learning how to apply NEoWave to short-term charts, this is the perfect timeframe for you.
  • Forecasting charts employing weekly-data - If you're looking for intermediate-term market insight and Wave theory education, plus you're a "do-it-yourself" investor, focus on these charts and this timeframe.
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Release Schedule:

  • Every Monday afternoon: Short-term charts are released
  • First Sunday of every month: Intermediate charts are released
  • First Sunday of every quarter: Long-term charts are released
NOTE: Release schedule is firm except for national holidays and NEoWave, Inc summer and winter vacation periods.

Over 30 years ago, Glenn Neely launched his three-decade commitment to advance Elliott Wave, with the goal of improving Elliott Wave forecasts, market analysis, and trading. Today, Mr. Neely's NEoWave forecasting method has revolutionized Elliott Wave financial forecasting. In this educational service, subscribers learn techniques to improve their own market predictions. The NEoWave Forecasting service's charts present detailed market forecasts for the S&P, Gold, T-Notes or Euro – along with Glenn Neely's insightful analysis.


Thank you for providing a high-quality Elliott Wave analysis service for your subscribers. Your concise recommendations cut through the noise. That is a big help to anyone who trades for a living.

– Joshua Baer
United States

I have been very impressed with your calls of major turns, which have been in opposition to many (if not nearly all) other forecasters. That takes courage, a lot of courage. Few market forecasters come out with clear forecasts. Usually they hedge their bets, like weather forecasters in the old days: 'It may rain today, but it may not.' Before meeting you in Sydney and reading about your interpretation of Elliott Wave Theory, I was a great skeptic of Elliott. One could get interpretations that were diametrically opposed! You've saved the bacon for Elliott as far as I'm concerned.

– Hans-Peter Gassner

I was with an Elliott Wave competitor, but I cancelled that subscription. Their forecasts were constantly changing from bullish to bearish - almost daily - and this was whipsawing my account. There was always an alternate count or scenario (usually the exact opposite of the original forecast), which was used if the first assumed count did not pan out. I'm glad to know NEoWave doesn't offer alternate scenarios. I am new to the NEoWave service, recently purchased Glenn's book, and I have started going through it.

– Eric R.
United States

Thank you for sharing valuable market forecasts. Your forecasts have been exceptional over these last 20+ years. You are a treasure to us old guys - I've been trading for 52 years.

– Don T.
United States

Thank you for your excellent analysis on the markets! Your T-Note work has earned me a lot of money.

– Mark Andrews
United States

Thanks for keeping your clients up to speed with this dynamic situation. Much appreciated!

– Alan Veitch

Thank you for the guidance in your emergency updates during this tough but obviously opportunistic period.

– David Kiash
United States

You are simply a genius. Hats off to you.

– Abhay Singh
United States

Glenn, you've made some nice calls on the S&P and Gold recently. Thank you, much appreciated. I'm looking forward to observing Neely River on wheat and soy in an intraday environment.

– Alistair Mills

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