Mastering Elliott Wave book by Glenn Neely

Mastering Elliott Wave by Glenn Neely

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A must-read, Glenn Neely's revolutionary book, Mastering Elliott Wave, changed Wave theory forever. Mastering Elliott Wave presents the first, scientific, step-by-step approach to Wave analysis ever devised.

Based on his decades of research, training, and real-time trading, Glenn Neely presented his revolutionary techniques to objectively analyze market conditions in Mastering Elliott Wave. In this unprecedented enhancement of Wave theory, Glenn Neely pioneered a new, comprehensive, and more accurate method to conduct Wave analysis.

Step-by-step, Mastering Elliott Wave presents Glenn Neely's process for Wave theory forecasting – the most logical, objective Wave forecasting approach ever created. Using this highly accurate approach, Mr. Neely has been recognized hundreds of times throughout the years as a top timer. (Click to view.)

Using Mastering Elliott Wave, you'll learn Mr. Neely's scientific method of market forecasting, now known as NEoWave.

Learning Elliott Wave theory – and how to recognize Wave patterns – can be challenging. In addition, orthodox Wave theory often produces market predictions that miss the mark as well as contradictory bearish and bullish scenarios. Step by step, Glenn Neely's Mastering Elliott Wave shows you how to:

  • Improve your market predictions
  • Create more accurate forecasts – without contradictory scenarios

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"A masterpiece, the best book on technical analysis in 50 years"
David C. Reif
Vice President Investment, Prudential-Bache

"This book provides the most complete explanation of Elliott Wave Theory available. With proper study, the reader should be able to master with complete understanding the technicalities of the Elliott Wave Theory."
Larry Jacobs
Gann & Elliott Wave Magazine

"...what a feast of ideas for both novice and experienced Elliotticians! Every sentence is devoted to something important. (Neely) has obviously spent a lot of time on the illustrations to ensure the reader will understand the concepts."
Bruce Babcock
Commodity Traders Consumer Report

"This book will significantly improve your knowledge of proper rule and technique application, no matter what your current level of expertise."
Cycles Magazine
"I picked up technical methods after losing half my money in mutual funds run by MBAs who are taught what markets 'should' do rather than what they actually do. A coin flip would have yielded better results. Neely sees what no one else does and like a great genius ties it into a code of rules for wave analysis much more strictly than those before him."
- Eric Noel

"Regarding Mastering Elliott Wave, I must compliment you on your achievement. I found chapters 3, 8 and 11 particularly valuable. I started studying Wave Theory about six months ago, and I needed an overall perspective of the wave count of the market. The structures and the formations in your book provided that perspective. Your forecasts and the direction of the market have been rock solid since I subscribed to your service six months ago. Your structures explain the market behavior better than anyone else."
- A.P.

"Your book is fantastic. Thanks for all your help."
- Timothy K. Fife
United States

"I have been studying your Mastering Elliott Wave book since it was published, and I believe it is the most complete technical guide to the stock market."
- Anonymous