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February 2019

The Benefits of Trading Options

Options is a newly integrated feature of NEoWave's Trading service. In this interview with trading expert and NEoWave founder Glenn Neely, you'll learn the many benefits of Options. First and foremost, trading Options enables you to reduce risk and lock-in profits during sideways and choppy markets.
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October 2017

Avoid the Top 5 Elliott Wave Mistakes: Tips to Improve Your Wave Counts & Trading Results

Elliott Wave Forecaster Glenn Neely puts it simply: "You can't have a good trade unless you have a good Wave count. You can't have a good Wave count if you disregard certain price and time rules." Hear the 5 common mistakes made by Elliott Wave analysts – and how to conquer them.
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July 2017

Capital preservation: The "secret" ingredient to successful trading.

July 2017 - How do you stay in the game over the long haul? For successful long-term trading, Glenn Neely reveals trading strategies to let profits run – and essential capital preservation strategies to cut losses short.
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March 2016

Gold's Bear market may end late 2016/early 2017. New highs possible in the S&P before U.S. presidential election.

March 2016 - Gold's Bear market may be ending – how should you prepare? Also, Glenn Neely explains his surprising outlook for the S&P.
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December 2015

Looking ahead to 2016: Glenn Neely presents his long-term market outlook for the S&P, Gold, Notes, and Euro

December 2015 – What's in store for these 4 markets? Will they trend up or down? Glenn Neely shares his long-term forecasts in this insightful discussion with Ike Iossif.
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August 2015

Glenn Neely and Ike Iossif discuss the Greece economy, the precarious Gold market, and the impending "D-Day" for U.S. stocks and bonds

August 2015 – In this eye-opening discussion, hear why NEoWave's Glenn Neely and MarketView's Ike Iossif both look to a continuing decline of the Gold market, plus a dramatic sell-off for the U.S. stock market. In the potential economic shake-up, not even bonds offer a safe refuge!
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April 2015

Glenn Neely Warns of Resumption of Gold's Price Deterioration

April 2015 – NEoWave's Glenn Neely discusses Gold's position in its ongoing Bear market – and its impact on the U.S. dollar and international deflation.
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October 2014

Glenn Neely reveals strategies behind growth of NEoWave Equity Fund

October 2014 – In a new interview, NEoWave's Glenn Neely In a new interview, NEoWave's Glenn Neely discusses his use of Neely River Trading Technology and wave theory to manage and grow the NEoWave Equity Fund.
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June 2014

Glenn Neely shares his one, key strategy for becoming a better trader

June 2014 – In a new interview, NEoWave's Glenn Neely challenges traders to master their trading psychology to control risk and expectations. Click to hear this 24-minute interview.
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March 2014

Gold "bugs" vs. deflationists: Will there be upheaval in the Gold market in 2014?

March 2014 - Glenn Neely discusses an upcoming rollercoaster environment for the Gold market with Ike Iossif.
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December 2013

Essential Strategies for Successful, Long-Term Trading

December 2013 - In this practical discussion, Glenn Neely underscores the importance of capital preservation for long-term trading success. Plus, he details the step-by-step approach he uses to reduce risk, minimize losses, and let profits run. This is a strategy anyone can immediately implement to improve their trading.
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October 2013

Glenn Neely Discusses Neely River Trading Technology and Current Market Activity

October 2013 - To catch trends and improve your bottom line, Mr. Neely advises traders to focus on protecting capital and reducing risk to zero as quickly as possible - instead of attempting to predict the future.
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August 2013

Glenn Neely discusses the continuation of Gold's ongoing bear market

August 2013 - This rollercoaster market has left "Gold-bugs" shocked and confused by massive declines and recoveries. Despite recent optimism, Glenn Neely warns there are more - and larger - declines to come. So where's the bottom?
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May 2013

Reviewing Mr. Neely's 1988 Long-Term Forecast in Light of Current Market Activity

May 2013 - In 1988, Glenn Neely published a startling 72-year forecast, predicting the Dow Jones would reach 100,000 by the year 2060. How does current market activity track with Mr. Neely's historic forecast? What is his short- and intermediate-term perspective for the stock market?
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April 2013

Gold's Sudden Volatility: Glenn Neely Warns that Bull Market Is Over

April 2013 - On April 15, Gold was down more than $100/ounce at one point. What is causing this new level of volatility?
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January 2013

Introducing Neely River Trading Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Market Trading

January 2013 - Glenn Neely finally shares details about his fascinating Neely River Trading Technology in this 3-part series.
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October 2012

Legislation without Representation: America's New Revolution

October 2012 - In this thought-provoking interview, Mr. Neely discusses a little-known, yet viable, solution that could fix many of the problems plaguing American government.
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September 2012

Glenn Neely Discusses his Forecasts & Predictions for 4 Markets, Particularly in Light of Upcoming Presidential Election

September 2012 - Glenn Neely offers insights and predictions for 4 markets. In light of the upcoming presidential election, Mr. Neely notes "the election will be a pivotal event" for the S&P.
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September 2012

Creating Proper Charts for Accurate Wave Forecasts

September 2012 - Hear specific tips to improve your Wave forecasting by using the proper type of chart (line, bar, or wave chart) with the correct type of data (futures or cash data).
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May 2012

Did the Mayans Get it Right? Predictions for the 2012 Stock Market

May 2012 - Glenn Neely examines several social manias and how they impact the stock market, including the current "end-of-world" predictions linked to the "end" of the Mayan calendar. Mr. Neely offers specific market predictions for 2012.
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April 2012

Glenn Neely's Current Wave Analysis and Predictions for Four Markets

April 2012 - Gain insight into Glenn Neely's Wave theory analysis and predictions for four markets (the S&P, Gold, Euro, and Notes), as he is interviewed by Ike Iossif.
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February 2012

Glenn Neely and Ike Iossif discuss current high-risk environment, the outlook, and investment strategies

February 2012 - Glenn Neely and Ike Iossif discuss the current high-risk environment, Europe's impact on the U.S. stock market, the short-term and long-term outlook, and investment strategy advice.
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August 2011

Glenn Neely Interview Series on Deflation

August 2011 - In this series of 4 interviews, Glenn Neely discusses his thoughts on deflation, his predictions for the coming deflation in the U.S. economy, and what NEoWave theory has to say about long-term trends in the financial market.
Click to hear Part 1: Deflation Should Follow Gold's Expected Peak
Click to hear Part 2: Deflation: Are We There Yet?
Click to hear Part 3: Long-Term Elliott Wave Count Confusion
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November 2010

Insight into Glenn Neely's September 2004 Forecast for the S&P 500

November 2010 - In this brief interview, Glenn Neely offers insight into his remarkably accurate 8-year forecast for the S&P 500, made in September 2004.
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August 2010

The Three Phases of Every Market and the Best Trading Strategies for Each

August 2010 - Glenn Neely discusses the three types of market activity (Bottoming/Topping, Accumulation/Distribution, and Trending) and the best trading strategies for each. In addition, Mr. Neely offers specific trading recommendations for this current, challenging environment.
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March 2010

Stock Market Predictions for 2010 and Beyond: Why Is the U.S. Stock Market so Unpredictable?

March 2010 - Listen as Glenn Neely discusses the challenge of stock market predictions in 2010 and beyond, the highly unpredictable nature of the current Wave structure, and trading strategies to preserve capital in this environment.
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November 2009

November 2009 interview with Glenn Neely: "Looking Back: Review of 2008 and 2009"

November 2009 - Glenn Neely discusses his January 2008 forecast, in which he accurately predicted the market was embarking on a 4- to 6-year Bear market.
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November 2008

Glenn Neely reviews Gold market forecasts and reveals anticipated multi-year deflationary period

November 2008 - Glenn Neely reviews his Gold market forecasts and explains how the precious metal's wave structure led to his prediction of a 4- to 6-year deflationary environment.
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October 2008

October 2008 Interview with Glenn Neely

October 2008 - Hear Glenn Neely's review of all NEoWave S&P forecasts for 2008 and learn how his scientific process anticipated 2008's bear market.
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August 2005

An Interview with Glenn Neely

August 2005 - Glenn Neely shares his thought-provoking ideas on the future of the United States, world politics, technology, and more.
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