Interviews with Glenn Neely

Interview: Glenn Neely Discusses Neely River Trading Technology

To catch trends and improve your bottom line, Mr. Neely advises traders to focus on protecting capital and reducing risk to zero as quickly as possible – instead of attempting to predict the future.

Most traders spend altogether too much time trying to foretell the future. Glenn Neely offers this advice: "Your results are much better over time when you focus on protecting capital instead of focusing on what you think might happen in the market."

Over the past decade, Mr. Neely has devised a trading approach based on reacting to reality instead of anticipating the future. In this interview, Mr. Neely explains that Neely River trading technology is not a forecasting theory. Instead, it is an entirely new way of looking at markets, observing price action, and placing trades.

Foundational to Neely River is a focus on managing risk and protecting capital. "When you focus on observing the present and deciding how to behave in the present, this makes trading dramatically easier," he says. "No matter your trading approach, I recommend traders start designing strategies around managing risk and protecting capital – rather than focusing on predictions. If you do that, your bottom line will be much better off. You’ll protect your capital. You’ll survive in the game much longer. And you’ll have more time to catch good trends."

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