Security & Privacy

This section explains how NEoWave protects you and uses your information in a safe, secure and responsible manner.

Your protection is our priority
We strive to safeguard your data by:

To keep your data safe we use:
Advanced authentication technology Website design that blocks or limits online display of customer information when not necessary to the transaction. Monitoring our websites through recognized online privacy and security companies like Starfield Secure Certificate Authority that offers REAL 128-bit SSL encryption

Starfield assures online visitors that credit card account numbers and other confidential information cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered.

How we use your information
Information collected by NEoWave will be used for reference to orders placed as well as future correspondence from Your information will not be sold or distributed to outside parties.

How Do I Know If Security is Operating?
Your internet session is encrypted if your security-enabled browser is connected to a website using the Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol. URL strings beginning with "HTTPS://" instead of the usual "HTTP://" indicate that the secure protocol is in effect. Your browser may also tell you if security is operating. For example, Netscape Navigator may display the icon in the lower left corner of your screen in secure mode. If 128-bit security is in effect, it shows the icon. Microsoft Internet Explorer shows a icon in either case.

Most browsers can be set to give you a pop-up announcement when you enter or leave a secure web page. In Netscape, these settings are on the Security Preferences "General" tab. In IE, the setting is on the "Advanced" tab when you select "Options" on the View menu.