Learn about NEoWave with Elliott Wave Expert, Glenn Neely

Internationally regarded money manager, trading advisor, and Elliott Wave analyst, Glenn Neely has devoted over 40 years to advancing trading strategies and Wave forecasting - always with the goal of achieving real-world results.

Glenn Neely's Neely River trading technology assists in creating lower-risk trading strategies, with an emphasis on capital preservation. His now-famous NEoWave forecasting methodology provides a precise, step-by-step, logical assessment of market structure, which typically leads to more accurate forecasts.

Analysts, professional investors, and traders worldwide trust NEoWave's Trading and Forecasting services to guide their market expectations.

Background: Glenn Neely and NEoWave

Over 40 years ago, Glenn Neely read about the Elliott Wave Principle and launched his decades-long commitment to advance R.N. Elliott's concepts, with the goal of improving Wave analysis, forecasting, and trading. In 1983, Elliott Wave expert Glenn Neely founded Elliott Wave Institute, now NEoWave, Inc.

What is Elliott Wave theory?

The Elliott Wave Principle, named for its discoverer, Ralph Nelson Elliott, quite simply measures how groups of people behave. One of the easiest places to see this phenomenon at work is in the financial markets, where changing investor psychology is reflected in the form of price movements. While it had been thought that traders behaved in a somewhat chaotic manner, R.N. Elliott discovered they actually traded in repetitive cycles, which, it turned out, were the emotions of investors as a result of outside influences.

Glenn Neely's NEoWave Forecasting Service

The up-and-down swings of the mass psychology always showed up in repetitive patterns, which were then divided into patterns that R.N. Elliott named Waves. His Wave theory went on to reveal that if you can identify repeating patterns in prices – and figure out where those repeating patterns occur – then you can predict where the market is heading.

Elliott Wave Expert Glenn Neely revolutionized Elliott Wave theory.

Mastering Elliott Wave

For the most part, orthodox Elliott Wave is based on intuition. On the other hand, Glenn Neely's Elliott Wave analysis techniques offer a logical, scientific, and objective approach to Wave forecasting – a proven approach that results in more accurate forecasts.

Elliott Wave expert Glenn Neely self-published his first book, Elliott Waves in Motion, in 1988. Based on its impact and popularity, he significantly revised that book, re-releasing it in 1990 as Mastering Elliott Wave - Presenting the Neely Method: The First Scientific, Objective Approach to Market Forecasting with the Elliott Wave Theory (published by Windsor Books and available in electronic form at Amazon.com and iBooks).

NEoWave Trading service

This trading advisory service is ideal for traders who want expert guidance, as well as busy professionals (including money managers and brokers) who don't have time to design their own trading strategies.

With a focus on effective trades and risk control, subscribers experience an uncommon level of detail and specificity.

NEoWave Forecasting service

In this educational service, subscribers learn techniques to improve their own market predictions. Weekly charts present NEoWave market forecasts along with Elliott Wave expert Glenn Neely's insightful analysis.

Glenn Neely's articles and media appearances

Glenn Neely has spoken at international financial conferences, has been interviewed by the media, and has been published in multiple trade publications, including:

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