NEoWave Equity Fund

NEoWave Equity Fund - The Only Advanced Elliott Wave Theory Fund with Glenn Neely

Launched in 2009, the NEoWave Equity Fund is the first and only portfolio based on Glenn Neely's proprietary Neely River Trading technology. The creation of this investment fund is the culmination of Mr. Neely's 40-year career in advanced Wave forecasting and successful trading.

With market professionals and successful traders already invested, the Fund continues to build a unique group of investors who value the knowledge and trading skills of an internationally recognized organization. This powerful and successful combination is not available from any other source or investment fund.

To comply with U.S. laws, we are permitted to share Fund performance and details only with qualified investors who specifically request this information.

  • For preliminary fund information or customer service, contact:
    Magelan Ferreira
    800-636-9283, Ext. 2 (USA residents), 949-480-7406 (Non-USA residents)
  • For performance data, administration, additions and withdrawals, contact:
    Christine O'Neill
    508-888-2752, Ext. 4
  • For fund trading tactics, contact:
    Glenn Neely

Be sure to read the Fund FAQs...

We invite you to learn more about the NEoWave Equity Fund. For example, while many of our customers know Glenn Neely as an Elliott Wave analyst – and are seeking an Elliott Wave fund or Elliott Wave investing program – they are surprised to learn that Mr. Neely primarily relies on his own trading methodology. The NEoWave Equity Fund, directly managed by Glenn Neely, uses NEoWave analysis together with Neely River Trading technology to enter, manage, and close trades. Click HERE to read frequently asked questions regarding the NEoWave Equity Fund.