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NEoWave Market Update on S&P, Gold and T-Notes by Glenn Neely on December 16, 2022

What does the future hold for 2023?

In this highly informative 14-minute interview with Ike Iossif from December, 2023,
Mr. Neely shares detailed forecasts, insights, and wave charts on 4 markets: the S&P 500, Gold, Euro, and T-Notes. If you are a fan of Elliott Wave forecasting, this is a don't-miss discussion!


3-Part Trading Video Course
Elliott Wave innovator Glenn Neely explains Neely River Theory in this video series

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  • Learn why markets behave like rivers, with three "channels" or zones of trading.

  • View a real-life example to trace the "river channeling" behavior.

  • Discover how to apply Neely River to increase your trading success.


Advanced Elliott Wave Workshop
1995 Historical Videos from Glenn Neely

Glenn Neely, trading advisor and NEoWave founder, recorded these videos in 1995. Still relevant, these "evergreen" forecasting and trading concepts offer much insight. We hope these video workshops help you improve your Wave analysis and trading results.

Long-Term Market Analysis

Apply Advanced Elliott Wave

Apply Corrective Patterns

Long-Term Market Prediction

Going Beyond Elliott Wave with Glenn Neely

NEoWave Introduction:
Advanced Elliott Wave & Trading

Advanced NEoWave vs.
Orthodox Elliott Wave

APTA Meeting
with Glenn Neely

Neely River TRADING
A Logical, Objective, Rule-based Approach to Trading

Neely River:
A Concept for Successful Trading

Neely River:
A Comprehensive Trading Technology

Neely River Trading Technology
PART 1 of 2

Neely River Trading Technology
PART 2 of 2