Interviews with Glenn Neely

May 2013

Reviewing Mr. Neely's 1988 Long-Term Forecast in Light of Current Market Activity

In 1988 – with the Dow Jones at 1900 – Glenn Neely published a startling 72-year forecast, predicting the Dow would reach 100,000 by the year 2060. Although considered absurd at the time, the Dow's recent move above 15,000 makes this forecast far more plausible 25 years later.

In this interview, hear how Mr. Neely arrived at his implausible (and ridiculed!) prediction, which may be the longest stock market forecast ever published.

How does current market activity track with his historic forecast? Does Mr. Neely still believe his long-term forecast will be fulfilled? In addition, what is his short- and intermediate-term perspective for the stock market? Listen to this thought-provoking interview to find out!

Hear this 53-minute interview.

Read the full transcript of this interview.

Read Glenn Neely's article with the 72-year forecast, published in 1988.

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