Interviews with Glenn Neely

Interview: Avoid the Top 5 Elliott Wave Mistakes: Tips to Improve Your Wave Counts & Trading Results

Are your Wave counts often wrong and need to be frequently revised?

In this interview, Elliott Wave Forecaster Glenn Neely explains, "If you're constantly changing Wave counts, your mind, your forecasts, and your trades, this can be mentally exhausting – and financially devastating."

In this educational discussion, Glenn Neely walks through 5 common Elliott Wave mistakes made by analysts and traders. He outlines each mistake in detail. Plus, you'll hear sage advice based on his 38 years as an internationally recognized Elliott Wave forecaster.

To whet your curiosity, here are some of Mr. Neely's comments from this interview:
  • "You can't have a good trade unless you have a good Wave count. You can't have a good Wave count if you disregard certain price and time rules."
  • "You either have a trending market or a corrective ‘going-nowhere' market. They are two separate phenomena, and they should not be combined together."
  • "The beginning of a new trend must be bigger and faster than any lower-degree pattern to confirm that it's actually a bigger-degree trend."

Listen to this 34-minute interview