Interviews with Glenn Neely

April 2013

Gold's Sudden Volatility: Glenn Neely Warns that Bull Market Is Over

On April 15, 2013, Glenn Neely emailed this alert to subscribers of NEoWave's Trading service: "Based on its decline the last few days, there is no doubt Gold's bull market is over (it peaked in the summer of 2011 but the pattern off 1999's low didn't end until late March or maybe even as late as last week). Just today, Gold was down more than $100/ounce at one point! Such a hyper-collapse only occurs at the start of a major (probably multi-decade) trend."

This was not the first warning that subscribers had received regarding the Gold market. What is the long-term forecast? Will the volatility continue? Hear an interview with Glenn Neely, recorded on April 18, 2013.

Click to hear this 30-minute interview.

Click to read the full transcript of this interview.

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