Interviews with Glenn Neely

August 2013

Glenn Neely discusses the continuation of Gold's ongoing bear market

Since the early 1970s, Gold experienced a surging, four-decade bull market. The sky's the limit, right? Wrong. In this thought-provoking interview, Mr. Neely discusses Gold's new reality: a prolonged bear market, with a significant drop in value in its future.

How is this possible? Mr. Neely's wide-ranging discussion touches on the Federal Reserve, the Mandrake Principle, global economies, and the consequences of a decades-long credit expansion around the world. Given these global influences, Mr. Neely shares his prediction for the scale and timeframe for Gold's downtrend.

In this interview, he discusses the ongoing bear market and rollercoaster ride that has left "Gold-bugs" shocked and confused by the massive declines and recoveries. Mr. Neely warns there are more – and larger – declines to come. So where's the bottom?

Hear this 35-minute interview.

Read the full transcript of this interview.

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