Interviews with Glenn Neely

Interview: The Benefits of Trading Options

Options are a newly integrated feature of NEoWave's Trading service.

In this interview with trading expert and NEoWave founder Glenn Neely, you'll learn the many benefits of Options. First and foremost, trading Options enables you to reduce risk and lock-in profits during sideways and choppy markets.

In this interview, Mr. Neely explains the reason he began researching Options. In a nutshell, 3 of the 4 markets he had followed for decades went sideways for 3 years (GLD, TLT, FXE). Trading these markets was a frustrating, ongoing challenge.

After successfully using Options strategies, Mr. Neely decided to integrate Options into the NEoWave Trading service. In this interview, he explains how Options allows NEoWave subscribers to make money even when markets are sideways and choppy.

To whet your curiosity, here are some of Mr. Neely's comments from this interview:

  • "Options are a right to purchase an equity or an ETF at a particular price in the future, and they always have an expiration date. With Options, your profit potential is greater – you can lock in more profit. Plus, it gives you much more buffer on the downside. In short, the market can drop, and you'll still make money."
  • "To create a profitable long-term portfolio, you want to let your profits run, and cut your losses short. Trading Options helps us do this."
  • "A lot of traders try to make as much money as possible, and they forget about the risks they're taking. My goal – which should be the goal of any professional trader – is that return OF your capital is more important than return ON your capital. In other words, you always want to try to get your money back first and then everything else is, as they say in Louisiana, lagniappe. It's extra. Writing premium on Options increases your chances of getting your money back first."

Listen to this 24-minute interview