Interviews with Glenn Neely

September 2012

Creating Proper Charts for Accurate Wave Forecasts

If you're an Elliott Wave analyst (experienced or novice), this highly educational discussion offers specific tips to improve your forecasting. Glenn Neely discusses the pros and cons of using line charts, bar charts, and Wave charts for forecasting. In addition, learn why Cash data – with daily highs and lows plotted in the order they occurred in real time - presents a more accurate picture of market behavior and lays the foundation for more accurate Wave forecasting.

Hear this 30-minute interview with Glenn Neely.

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Cash-Data Market Timeframes

NEoWave Cash-Data Service

After extensive development and testing, NEoWave has released its Cash-Data Service to the public, so you can improve your own Wave analysis.

Here's what you get...

  • You receive Excel spreadsheets with auto-updating cash data, which instantly plot a variety of charts. You receive a spreadsheet for the markets and timeframes shown at right.
  • Armed with cash data and properly plotted charts, you have the ability to experiment with your own Wave counts, enabling you to produce more accurate Wave analysis.
  • You gain access to Mr. Neely's private, “behind the scenes” wave counts, which are never seen in any NEoWave service. This information will allow you to view and understand the “secret” scenarios used to arrive at the single scenarios presented in Mr. Neely's NEoWave Trading and Forecasting Services.