Interviews with Glenn Neely

December 2015

Looking ahead to 2016: Glenn Neely presents his long-term market outlook for the S&P, Gold, Notes, and Euro

What's in store for these 4 markets? Will they trend up or down? 2016 is a U.S. presidential election year, and markets tend to rally into presidential election years. In this insightful discussion, Money Manager and Trading Advisor Glenn Neely shares his long-term forecasts with Ike Iossif.

Discussion topics include:
  • Is the Bull market over for the S&P?
  • Glenn Neely has been bearish on Gold for years. When it comes to trading this market, is he staying the course? Should you?
  • For Notes and Bonds, is there potential for a Bear market in interest rates, after so many years of a Bull market? If so, will that disrupt other markets?
  • Does the Euro remain strong – or not?

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