Testimonials on NEoWave's Forecasting Service

"Great and transparent communication, Glenn. What I love about your approach to markets is your greater emphasis on making money than on being right. While being right is important and the primary objective of most forecasters, your emphasis on successful trading and making money is actually what makes you a world-class forecaster as well."
– B.H.
United States

"Glenn, I am a subscriber and really enjoy your work. I am from the regular Elliott Wave school, which lacks much compared to your methodology. Keep up the great work."
– Chris Gfeller, United States

"Congratulations on so many correct market calls. The Public Notices are wonderful and a great service."
– Stuart Crolfer, United States

"Glenn, I congratulate you for your laser-sharp predictions on the fall of financial institutions and the Dow. It is amazing to see how your predictions are coming true."
– Gaurav Dua

"Thanks for your close monitoring of the markets. Your efforts are much appreciated."
– Barbara S.

"Your forecasts are incredibly impressive. I'm astounded by their accuracy and foresight."
– Peter Davis
United States

"Your service is the best, and your dedication is remarkable."
– Carl Larson
United States

"Your analysis is amazing. For people like me who rely on your analysis, what would we do if you ever retire?"
– Samson Hui

"Wave analysis has made me a world-class investor, and I have you to thank for a great deal of my success and knowledge!"
– Gary Lampman
United States

"I owe you a debt of gratitude because I was a subscriber in November when you were calling for a massive sell-off. I got scared and dumped all my equity holdings. Thank you for that great call."
– George Schluger
United States

"It is truly an honor to have you as a mentor. Once again, I can't believe how accurate your NEoWave prediction has been. Wow! And I won't even mention your current blockbuster trades in Gold. Amazing!"
– Magdy S. Maximos
United States

"I have been taking your course for the last three months, and I believe your approach to markets is the best there is. I have paid thousands of dollars for seminars, forecasting programs and books that didn't work. Your course convinced me that I can make money in trading if I know what I'm doing. I used to buy at the top and sell at the bottom. Mr. Neely defines exact entry and exit points, which help me minimize my losses and create large moves for profit."
– Yaron Attias
United States

"Your forecast of the market direction was rock solid. Your structures better explain the market behaviour than anybody else. Thanks again for answering my questions and for the service you offer."
– A.P.

"I spent the weekend going over hourly charts from the most violent parts of the bear market. It's incredible how even hourly charts allow you to catch massive parts of the moves with almost no risk."
– Eric