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3/24/2022 - NEoWave Staff

NEELY RIVER - Phenomenal TRADING Results

On March 23, 2022, Glenn Neely shares his phenomenal TRADING results with his subscribers. We are sharing it here for anyone interested in learning Neely River theory and profitable trading during these uncertain market environment.

From the desk of NEoWave founder and trading advisor, Glenn Neely

MARCH 23, 2022: Phenomenal TRADING Results

In early February, I opened a new, $100,000 (real money) account with Tradestation to teach prior students my advanced NEELY RIVER concepts. In the chart below, you will see a printout of that account (as of a few minutes ago) and ALL the positions it currently holds!

It shows 96% of our real-world positions are "in the money" (see far right column of green) and our winners are making $10,688 while our single losing position is down just $104 (our winners are making 10,000% MORE than our losers)!! How many times in your life have you seen this in your own trading account???

Want to learn how these kinds of real-trading-results are possible?

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Glenn Neely
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