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2/15/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Announcing the significant expansion of NEoWave's Trading service

Glenn Neely, founder of NEoWave, Inc. and trading advisor, just released this letter to customers and those interested in NEoWave services:

"On January 1, 2018, the NEoWave TRADING service began an exciting new journey. For the first time, it expanded into 1000’s of U.S. stocks, ETFs, options and global markets. Our vastly expanded services now provide many more opportunities than in the past! Our Tradestation printout shows all the positions we've taken since January 1st, and the 2.4% profit the account is currently showing!

"Furthermore, based on customer feedback, we dropped the most dangerous aspect of the service (Futures markets) and replaced them with the safest: Options. This transition allows smaller accounts to leverage potential returns without increasing risk (something impossible to achieve in Futures). 

"Best of all, no matter how wild markets gets, risk does NOT increase with options; so, we can trade them without the need to place, manage or move stops 24/7. This will FREE UP a LOT of your time. This will put TIME in our favor, giving the markets room to move and multiply potential. 

"Furthermore, with Options we can now do things previously impossible with Futures and Stocks alone -- we can collect weekly or monthly premiums while a market trades sideways. We can also lock-in profits using married Call and Put positions, we can Short markets without paying dividends and still limiting risk! All extremely important strategies to capital preservation and profit making. 

"The tremendous opportunities created by our expansion into 1000’s of markets, the addition of Options trading and the elimination of Futures markets will have a profound long-term impact on the NEoWave Trading service to make money and protect profits. 

"We invite YOU to give our new service a good try. For the rest of February, you can take advantage of 50% OFF a yearly subscription to any NEoWave Trading service (World Equities, Fixed Income & Real Estate, Commodities or Currencies). Normally, each service is $395/year but with this special promotion you get an entire YEAR of service for just $197.50!"

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