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6/9/2021 - NEoWave Staff

Does Neely River Trading deliver results? Here's what our customers say...

We're always tickled to receive emails from customers raving about NEoWave products and services. Recently, we received 3 testimonials for the Professional Trading Course - a LIVE online course personally taught by Glenn Neely. In this 12-week course, Mr. Neely teaches his unique approach to trading: Neely River Trading technology. 


“Glenn, I just wanted to thank you for your classes and for sharing your knowledge. Neely River Trading technology is giving me some superb results. And the more I use the NRT TradeStation software the better it all works.”
– Thomas Heytens, Belgium

Glenn, I have been attending your Neely River Trading classes for nearly two years non-stop and have made significant progress every month. In fact, last night the light finally came on regarding the importance of your vector analysis. Even though I have watched you use this strategy repeatedly I never understood its vital importance. I back-tested a number of my trades from this year and could see where I made obvious mistakes in light of the vector-type analysis. Now I get it!”
– Rich Oldham, United States

“Glenn, it is again my pleasure to be a part of your current course on Neely River Trading technology. Previously, I had attended your Neely River course in 2018. Neely River has helped me immensely to control my risks after entering and ‘losing like a winner’ even if the trade went against me.”
– Abhijeet Durge, India


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