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8/21/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Despite WILD MARKETS, NEoWave Trading service customers are making money!

102% PROFIT in VDE (Energy ETF) - Less than 2 Months!
98% Profit in EWU (United Kingdom ETF) - Just 1 Month!
78% Profit in IWM (Russell 2000 ETF) - Less than 1 Month!
71% Profit in DBA (Agriculture ETF) - Less than 3 Months!
70% Profit in XLP (Consumer Staples ETF) - Less than 4 Months!

The above WINNING TRADES were recommended in the NEoWave TRADING services between early May and late July. These are REAL TRADES taken in a REAL ACCOUNT!

Today, NEoWave founder Glenn Neely provided NEoWave's Trading service customers with a Performance Report showing that 76% of our positions are making money with a NET PROFIT of $4,794 on an investment of $29,901. That is 15% ROI in just 3 months - annualized that is 60% per year!

What is Glenn Neely's trading "secret?" In a word: OPTIONS trading.
In fact, we have 6 recently taken positions already making more than 70% each and NO positions losing more than 20%. 

If you want to start experiencing these kinds of results in YOUR trading account, subscribe to 1 or All of our TRADING services using the link below. To match the performance of this report, you will want to subscribe to all 4 services: 
  • Equities – Covers ETFs and Options on major U.S. markets and sectors including the S&P
  • Commodities – Tracks ETFs and Options on Energy, Metals, and Agricultural sectors
  • Foreign Markets & Currencies – Follows ETFs and Options on foreign countries (i.e., Japan, Europe, Asia) and major world currencies (i.e., US Dollar, Euro, British Pound)
  • Fixed Income – Includes ETFs and Options on Bonds, Real Estate, and Utilities
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