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12/30/2022 - NEoWave Staff

Sharing positive feedback from our customers (heck, they are gushing!)

Our customer testimonials are "an embarrassment of riches."

Here at NEoWave, we are rich in positive feedback from our customers. They are excited to learn NEoWave Forecasting and Neely River Trading. And they are thrilled to share news of how their learnings turn into profits in the markets.

We invite you to read these unsolicited customer testimonials.

In praise of Glenn Neely's Library of Questions & Answers
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“Your Q&A section is pure gold. It has taught me things beyond my imagination. For this, I must say THANK YOU!”
–  Patriciu Augustin

In praise of the Neely River Trading Course
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“I made 57% profit November through November. That’s in great part thanks to what I learned in the Neely River Trading course, along with my own entry and exit point strategies. A big thank you to Glenn Neely!”
–  Johan Vogt, Spain

“Glenn, thank you for teaching us Neely River Trading. Learning NRT has been an enriching experience. I really appreciate you taking time to teach this course and putting in so much effort. I have put in a lot of effort to learn various trading methods, however, nothing comes close to NRT. It’s scientific and non-emotional. Thank you once again.”
–  Milind Gulavani, India

In praise of NEoWave Forecasting services and Glenn Neely's Advanced Wave Analysis Course
Learn more about NEoWave Forecasting services and the Advanced Wave Analysis Course

“During the Advanced Wave Analysis course, I easily saved more than the cost of the course. In viewing the wave projections, this acted as a caution against being foolish and buying puts or calls that were contrary to a new trend that was imminent. Glenn Neely’s chart analyses were very clear, since they were rule-based and followed logical choices. A very enjoyable course!”
–  Ron Ellis, USA

“NEoWave is the best forecasting theory I have ever had for the stock market. Glenn has continuously developed Elliott wave theory in such a manner that you will find every single time the wave theory to be correct. I must say, if R.N. Elliott were alive, he would be doing exactly what Glenn is doing. Glenn expressed what the scientific approach means in the stock market. While listening to Glenn talk about NEoWave theory, it gave me goosebumps exactly like when I am reading Einstein and theories like space-time and relativity.”
– Ramandeep Singh, India

“Mr. Neely, your hard work and dedication have benefited me a lot. I am following your work very closely, for there is a lot to learn, absorb, and apply. Only with patience and being consistent can I accomplish learning, so I can apply it well. Your advice about simplifying complex price movement is phenomenal and a game changer. What I am trying to say is that NEOWAVE ROCKS! Thank you. You are a guide to many retail traders like myself, and your work is legendary.”
– Hussain Tayab, India

In praise of Glenn Neely's classic book, Mastering Elliott Wave
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“I am writing to express my deep gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for your work on Wave Theory and especially for your book Mastering Elliott Wave. I have read your book innumerable times; I can say with complete confidence that it is the single best resource to understand and analyze the financial markets. It is a true masterpiece – a logician’s Mona Lisa – and showcases your logical mind and the immense amount of hard work you put in to pen it. Your logical rules on structure, time, degree, complexity, proportion, and market behavior are simply extraordinary and the work of great genius. It will rank as one of the great books for analysis of financial markets, though in my mind it is the greatest. I have taken your Advanced Wave Analysis course and Neely River Trading course and have experienced the way you look at charts, which has greatly contributed to the way I look at charts. I hope you will continue to devote time for market research and new discoveries. Through your professional services of NEoWave, you are helping a vast population achieve financial freedom.”
– Vipul Garg, India

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