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4/6/2021 - NEoWave Staff

Technical customer support for Neely River Trading software on TradeStation

To improve support for our growing number of Neely River Trading software customers, we have added a new member to the NEoWave team: Terrence Ryan

As a software engineer with real-world trading experience, Terrence will bring critical knowledge and experience to NEoWave's customer service team. His knowledge will be invaluable in helping NEoWave customers get their Neely River Trading software set up and running on TradeStation.

If you have any questions regarding TradeStation, Neely River installation/setup, third-party data integration, or our three new proprietary Apps (Scan, Options, Manage), write to Terrence at:

Terrence is based in Australia. He will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started!

One of our customers describes Neely River Trading software as "a masterpiece."

"I’m enjoying using Neely River Trading, and my trading skills have improved immensely. Also, the NRT companion TradeStation software works perfectly. It’s a masterpiece. I have no issues with the current software version, but I am very excited to receive the new, updated version." Sola Pho, India

Neely River Trading technology - and our companion TradeStation software - will substantially reduce the time required to plan your market strategies.

When you sign up for NEoWave's live, online Professional Trading Course (Neely River Trading), you get an exciting, state-of-the-art benefit. The course fee includes specially designed Neely River Trading software created for TradeStation (valued at $2000), which automatically calculates, plots, and draws all decision-based information. This leaves you free to focus on what's important: your trading. Click the button below to learn more about the NEoWave's Professional Trading Course.


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