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10/1/2020 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave News: 96% of Customer Trades are IN THE MONEY!

As the markets get wilder, our customer trading account is becoming consistently more profitable!
The S&P is up only single digits since early June but our customer trading account (including ALL Tradestation fees, commissions, and data costs) is UP nearly 20%! 

Here at NEoWave, we track ALL current, recommended customer positions from all 4 NEoWave Trading services:
  • Equities – Covers ETFs and Options on major U.S. markets and sectors including the S&P
  • Commodities – Tracks ETFs and Options on Energy, Metals, and Agricultural sectors
  • Foreign Markets & Currencies – Follows ETFs and Options on foreign countries (i.e. Japan, Europe, Asia) and major world currencies (i.e. US Dollar, Euro, British Pound)
  • Fixed Income – Includes ETFs and Options on Bonds, Real Estate, and Utilities
Between early June and September 29, 2020, 96% of all NEoWave Trading service customer positions are IN THE MONEY!
This is a RARE achievement in the financial advisory business and proves the effectiveness of Glenn Neely's sophisticated NEELY RIVER Trading Technology. 

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