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10/16/2023 - NEoWave Staff

Glenn Neely's book, Mastering Elliott Wave, is a continuous bestseller since 1990!

Published in 1990, Mastering Elliott Wave continues to be a bestseller. What an accomplishment!

Let's tip our hat to Glenn Neely!

"Tipping your hat to someone" (either physically or metaphorically) is a gesture of respect and admiration. How apropos for this topic!

As we continue to celebrate NEoWave's 40th anniversary (1983-2023), we thought we'd take a moment to highlight one of Glenn Neely's extraordinary accomplishments during his decades as a leader in market forecasting and trading: the publication of his book, Mastering Elliott Wave.

After conducting years of real-world research and applying an extraordinary depth of analysis, Glenn Neely published Mastering Elliott Wave in 1990. Can you imagine doing something over 30 years ago that is so groundbreaking - so revolutionary - that people are still taking note? People are still "tipping their hat" to you?

In fact, Elliott Wave enthusiasts around the world continue to write book reviews with glowing remarks, such as:

  • "I owe much of my wealth to my first purchase of Mastering Elliott Wave back in 1991. There is no better market forecasting method. It's brilliant."
  • "If you are deeply into the markets, this is a good book to have on your shelf." 
  • "If you're an Elliott Wave user and looking for more advanced methods, this is the book for you." 

We recently chatted with Glenn Neely's publisher, Windsor Books, and learned these impressive points about his now-classic book:

  • Mastering Elliott Wave has been translated into 5 languages, with tens of thousands of copies sold.
  • It is a bestseller in the financial realm, especially on the topic of Elliott Wave forecasting.
  • It is Windsor Books' bestselling book ever! And they've been selling financial books for over 50 years!

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Glenn Neely's classic book, Mastering Elliott Wave, is available on Amazon (hardcover & Kindle), Barnes & Noble (hardcover & Nook), and Apple Books (digital). 
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