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2/18/2021 - NEoWave Staff

GAIN INSIGHTS in new educational section: NEoWave Explained

Don't you love "ah-ha" moments - those moments when you read something that sheds light on a subject or answers a question?

Visit our website's new educational section, "NEoWave Explained", and we can virtually guarantee you'll learn something new. Hopefully, you'll experience one of those "ah-ha" moments!

Here's what you'll find in the new "NEoWave Explained" educational section:

What is NEoWave?
In his own words, Glenn Neely answers this question, starting with this statement: "NEoWave takes Elliott Wave in its original form and sequentially orders every step of the process to make it logical, objective, and understandable. NEoWave involves controlling how the charts are drawn, the kinds of data you use, and how to plot the data.... This enables you to see the actual flow of market price action, which allows for more precise predictions."
PLUS, Mr. Neely shares his experiences from his early days of Wave analysis, over 30 years ago. This is a must-read page!

Released by NEoWave Inc. on Sunday, April 5, 2020

NEo Wave Half-Yearly Chart

Download this Wave chart & Analysis by Glenn Neely

What is NEoWave Analysis?
As Glenn Neely explains on this page, NEoWave allows you to address more complicated Wave analysis situations – to be able to predict with more timing precision, more price precision, and more trading precision. It's adding onto the original orthodox Elliott Wave Theory to make it much more scientific, useful, objective, and accurate. Mr. Neely then offers a brief synopsis of each chapter in his book, Mastering Elliott Wave. Next, Mr. Neely addresses benefits that NEoWave offers over orthodox Elliott Wave: "NEoWave will help you get rid of alternate scenarios and reduce confusion. Orthodox Elliott Wave often allows for multiple scenarios and lots of different possibilities. If you don't know which one to choose, that makes it very difficult to trade. With NEoWave, you can almost always get down to one count, so you know which one you're supposed to be paying attention to, which helps with trading.... With NEoWave, the dramatic increase in rules reduces the confusion – it reduces the uncertainty and nervousness you get when you have multiple counts and you don't know which one to pick."
What is the difference between NEoWave and Elliott Wave?
NEoWave versus Elliott Wave - how do they differ? This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Be sure to read this page for specifics. Hint: The 3 core elements of NEoWave are: Logic, Self-defining price/time limits, and Self-Confirmation.

NEoWave and Elliott Wave Theory

Are there live NEoWave classes or training available?
Glenn Neely, founder of NEoWave, offers forecasting courses AND real-time trading classes. His NEoWave's Advanced Wave Analysis course and NEELY RIVER Professional Trading course are very popular and are live, REAL-TIME, online courses offered throughout the year. Read a brief description of both courses and the enrollment requirements.
How can NEoWave help improve my trading profits?
After decades of forecasting, trading and investing, Glenn Neely has devised a trading approach based on reacting to reality instead of anticipating the future – an approach he calls NEELY RIVER Trading Technology. It is not a forecasting theory. Instead, it is an entirely new way of looking at markets, observing price action, and placing trades. In fact, Mr. Neely notes that most traders spend altogether too much time trying to foretell the future. He offers this advice: "Your results are much better over time when you focus on protecting capital instead of focusing on what you think might happen in the market."

NEoWave TRADING Service – Only $30/month

powered by NEELY RIVER Trading Technology

Neely River Trading Technology

Choose from:

Equities, Commodities, Foregn Markets & Currencies, & Fixed Income


Which markets does NEoWave follow?
First, Glenn Neely addresses the question of which markets are appropriate to follow using Wave theory. "You can apply Wave theory (NEoWave or orthodox Elliott Wave) to virtually any market, with one important exception. Agricultural products – which are nature-made and have limited shelf-life – are NOT good candidates for Wave analysis." Of course, this page also presents the specific markets that NEoWave's Forecasting service follows as well as the market categories Mr. Neely follows for NEoWave's Trading service.

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