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How can NEoWave help improve my trading profits?

The answer is NEoWave TRADING service powered by NEELY RIVER Trading Technology

After decades of forecasting, trading and investing, Glenn Neely has devised a trading approach based on reacting to reality instead of anticipating the future – an approach he calls Neely River Trading technology. It is not a forecasting theory. Instead, it is an entirely new way of looking at markets, observing price action, and placing trades.

In fact, Mr. Neely notes that most traders spend altogether too much time trying to foretell the future. He offers this advice: "Your results are much better over time when you focus on protecting capital instead of focusing on what you think might happen in the market."

Foundational to Neely River is a focus on managing risk and protecting capital. "When you focus on observing the present and deciding how to behave in the present, this makes trading dramatically easier," he says. "No matter your trading approach, I recommend traders start designing strategies around managing risk and protecting capital – rather than focusing on predictions. If you do that, your bottom line will be much better. You'll protect your capital. You'll survive in the game much longer. And you'll have more time to catch good trends."

"To catch trends and improve your bottom line, focus on protecting capital and reducing risk to zero as quickly as possible – instead of attempting to predict the future." GLENN NEELY, author and founder of NEoWave

Improve your trading results with these FREE educational resources.

NEoWave founder Glenn Neely is passionate about helping everyone improve their trading results. To that end, he has created multiple FREE educational resources about trading in general and, specifically, about Neely River Trading technology. Browse through the interviews and videos below to get his insight on profitable trading!

INTERVIEW: Essential strategies for successful, long-term trading

In this practical discussion, Glenn Neely underscores the importance of capital preservation for long-term trading success. Plus, he details the step-by-step approach he uses to reduce risk, minimize losses, and let profits run. You can immediately implement this strategy to improve your trading results.
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INTERVIEW: Glenn Neely shares his one, key strategy to become a better trader

In this practical discussion, Mr. Neely challenges traders to master their trading psychology to control risk and expectations. This discussion is directed to all investors, from day-traders to professionals. Mr. Neely underscores the one, critical attribute to becoming a better trader, saying, "You must manage your expectations and, instead, focus on controlling risk. That is the key to long-term trading success."
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INTERVIEW: Capital preservation: The "secret" ingredient to successful trading

How do you stay in the game over the long haul? For successful long-term trading, Glenn Neely reveals trading strategies to let profits run – and essential capital preservation strategies to cut losses short.
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INTERVIEW: Introducing Neely River Trading Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Market Trading

In this detailed discussion, Glenn Neely explains why he designed an entirely new approach to market trading. Neely River Trading Technology is a completely different way to trade, which has nothing to do with forecasting. In this 3-part audio interview, he shares specifics about this fascinating (and proven) approach to trading.
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INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: Introduction to Neely River Trading Technology

In this 2-part recorded webinar, Glenn Neely starts by explaining his fascinating "river" theory. Next, he steps through trading fundamentals, for example, the importance of understanding who is in currently in control of the market – and why you should adapt your trading style accordingly. Take time to watch this educational, insightful, and eye-opening tutorial!
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How can NEoWave improve trading profitability for busy professionals?

Are you TOO busy to learn, analyze, and create an effective trading strategy?

The NEoWave Trading Service is ideal for busy traders (including professional money managers and brokers) who want expert guidance on their own trading strategies. NEoWave Trading Service is powered by Neely River Trading technology and does all the hard work for you. The monthly service focuses on effective trades, clear communication and risk control. No guesswork required. Just read the updates and place your orders.

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Are you a conservative investor looking to protect your nest egg? A speculator looking for an edge to improve your trading profits?

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