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Does NEoWave have software that can perform Wave analysis?

Is there a NEoWave forecasting software or Elliott Wave software?

Customers and followers who are new to NEoWave often ask whether there is an automated forecasting software available, specifically an Elliott Wave software or NEoWave software program. Further, customers often request a software program that could be run in TradeStation.

The dream is that a software program will somehow predict – and spit out accurate forecasts – about how the markets will move. This ideal Elliott Wave software or NEoWave software program would be a fully mechanical system that could run itself.

Let's ask Glenn Neely: Have you thought about creating an Elliott Wave software or NEoWave software?

When asked about this topic in one of his recorded interviews, Glenn Neely said this:

"I tried for years to get to the point where Wave Theory could be automated and mechanical. The problem is that it's very difficult for a computer to actually implement any system that's not mathematical and based on number crunching.

Elliott Wave Theory is very fuzzy. It's like fuzzy logic based on fractals and Chaos Theory. It just can't be programmed. Over the last 20 or 30 years, every attempt to do so has not yielded very good results.

I've never attempted to create an Elliott Wave software or NEoWave software, because these forecasting and trading techniques are too complicated and involve too much human deduction and induction. Computers just can't handle it."

GLENN NEELY, author of Mastering Elliott Wave and founder of NEoWave

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Most traders spend altogether too much time trying to foretell the future. To catch trends and improve your bottom line, Mr. Neely advises traders to focus on protecting capital and reducing risk to zero as quickly as possible.

While a NEoWave analysis software does not exist, Glenn Neely does offer something better, a valuable forecasting service.

The NEoWave Forecasting service is an educational service, where you will learn techniques to improve your own market predictions. The newsletter consists of real-time charts, presenting detailed forecasts in the markets of your choice - choose from the S&P, Gold, T-Notes or Euro.

The NEoWave Forecasting service also includes Glenn Neely's insightful analysis with his perspective on current and predicted market conditions. Updates are released weekly, monthly, and 1/2 yearly, giving different timeframes for a more accurate view of future price action.

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