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2/15/2021 - NEoWave Staff

ANSWERING A COMMON QUESTION: 'How can the NEoWave Trading service help my trading profits?'

At the end of the day, only ONE thing matters: Trading results. 

From the desk of NEoWave founder, Glenn Neely:
"Making money is far more important to most people than the intellectual pursuit of theories, including forecasting theories. The goal of my TRADING service is to help people make money, while preserving capital. In the long term, that is what matters to people. That's the bottom line."  Glenn Neely

Wise words indeed. And this got us thinking...

Several of us on the NEoWave Team thought it might be helpful to address HOW the NEoWave Trading service can help you improve trading profits - especially since this is a commonly asked question.

First, we'll share more pearls of wisdom from Glenn Neely:

"The biggest fallacy is that people assume making money in markets is a direct connection to being able to predict markets. That is NOT how trading works."
"To catch trends and improve your bottom line, you need to focus on protecting capital and reducing risk to zero as quickly as possible – instead of attempting to predict the future."
"I recommend traders design strategies around managing risk and protecting capital – rather than focusing on predictions. If you do that, your bottom line will be much better. You'll protect your capital, and you'll survive in the game much longer."

Second, here's EXACTLY HOW the NEoWave Trading service can help you improve trading profits:

  • Precise instructions with an uncommon level of detail and specificity - Glenn Neely's NEoWave Trading service focuses on effective trades, clear communication, risk control, and capital preservation. No guesswork required! You don't need to spend your time analyzing markets – this service does the work for you. You get precise entry, stop-management, and exit strategies. (Instructions are released by email as needed, depending on market activity, with occasional emergency updates.) Just read the updates and place your orders.
  • A proven trading strategy powered by Neely River Trading technology - The NEoWave Trading service is powered by Glenn Neely's breakthrough Neely River Trading technology. Unlike the majority of trading "systems" that try to force the market to fit your particular trading style, Neely River enables Mr. Neely (and you) to identify the type of traders currently in charge. The trading style is then adjusted to fit current market conditions. (Scroll down for links to videos and interviews to learn more about Neely River.)
  • Detailed recommendations on 4 ETF-focused market categories - Equities (including the S&P), Commodities, Foreign Markets & Currencies (including the US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound), and Fixed Income (ETFs and Options on Bonds, Real Estate, and Utilities). 
  • Unparelled trading results - It's common for the NEoWave Trading service to realize profitable positions, resulting in real trading results. In fact, Glenn Neely recently announced extraordinary results, thanks to "a string of profitable positions over 7 months." He added, "Just over a week ago, 100% of ALL customer positions were 'in the money.' ... These are remarkable achievements and extremely rare in this industry!" Want proof?

Third, here are FREE resources to learn more about Glenn Neely's revolutionary (and proven) approach to trading - Neely River Trading technology: 

"Introduction to Neely River Trading technology"

In this 2-part recorded webinar, Glenn Neely presents a step-by-step educational discussion on Neely River. This is an eye-opening, insightful, and worthwhile discussion on trading in general as well as a solid introduction to Neely River.

"Glenn Neely discusses Neely River Trading technology"

In this interview, Mr. Neely explains that Neely River Trading technology is not a forecasting theory. Instead, it is an entirely new way of looking at markets, observing price action, and placing trades.

Let's get started...

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Read dozens of real reviews from subscribers of NEoWave Trading service, such as:

"My trading is based on Neely River Theory. This year I will end with a 50% return." Manish K., India
"Glenn, your service is fantastic and, given the volatile nature of the markets, your voice is a beacon in the storm." S&P 500 Trader, United States
"I've done some trading using your Neely River Trading software program, and it's been fantastic. I've made trades I never would have normally made, and I have made money, thanks to you. I have a trading tool that gives me a great deal of confidence in the market." Mark G., Australia
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