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10/4/2021 - NEoWave Staff

TRADING ADVICE: Follow 3 essential steps to become a better trader

Recently, NEoWave founder and trading advisor Glenn Neely sent an email to NEoWave customers, explaining his insight on trading results. We are sharing these pearls of wisdom here, so everyone can benefit from Mr. Neely's advice!

From the desk of NEoWave founder, Glenn Neely

To improve your trading results, the 3 following steps are ESSENTIAL:

  • You must have a way to sort through thousands of stocks, ETFs, and Options to find those "rare situations" that can explode in value.
  • You must have a process to quickly select the best strategy (i.e., stocks, Options, spreads) based on timeframe and market volatility.
  • You must be able to objectively manage profits and losses to achieve a 3-to-1 profit-to-loss ratio over time.

Glenn Neely
NEoWave, Inc.

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Classes begin October 20, 2021

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