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6/3/2020 - NEoWave Staff

"WAR of the WAVES" - Advanced NEoWave vs. orthodox Elliott Wave

While most Elliott Wave analysts are hunkering in their bunkers (calling for the end of the world, for the 100th time), Glenn Neely turned very bullish shortly after this year’s March low. Read the PROOF below then share this information with your Elliott Wave friends!

March 1 (see monthly chart):

Before the crash, Mr. Neely publicly warned the 11-year bull market will end, saying “Bull Market probably over if cash breaks 2822.” (Soon after, cash broke 2822 and the market CRASHED).

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April 5 (see monthly chart):

Mr. Neely predicted the Bear Market has bottomed, and projected the size of the bounce. (His forecast was right on the money and continues to unfold as expected)!

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April 5 (see 1/2-yearly chart):

Now that we've entered a new era of Wave predictability, Glenn Neely’s advanced NEoWave technology allows him (for the first time in a decade) to precisely map out the NEXT 5 YEARS of market price action for the S&P 500!

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