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4/21/2023 - NEoWave Staff

Why sign up for Glenn Neely's wave analysis and trading courses? Here's what REAL customers have to say...

Our customers frequently send emails to Glenn Neely, thanking him for the information and guidance he shares in his LIVE courses. In fact, this note was particularly rewarding: “Dear Mr. Neely, you have changed my life and my outlook on life, and I am very grateful for that.” – Mohammad N., Iran  

If you are considering taking a NEoWave course, these REAL customer testimonials offer insight and inspiration!

Glenn Neely's Advanced Wave Analysis course
(advanced Elliott Wave & NEoWave)

You will dramatically improve your Elliott Wave forecasting and NEoWave analysis skills in this LIVE, online course personally taught by Glenn Neely. Click here to learn more about this course.

“Yesterday was such a great class; it's already helping my thought process a lot. I’m learning so much from the Advanced Wave Analysis classes. I’m getting clarity on something relevant each week. A big thank you!”
Julian L., Canada
“Mr. Neely, I have started using the concepts from the Advanced Wave Analysis course on my trades. The time duration calculation of various waves in your teachings are very helpful and accurate in taking trading decisions. The combination of NEoWave’s latest concepts, Fibonacci, and Time concepts are a perfect combination to decode the markets. I am lucky to have found a mentor like you, Mr. Neely, and am looking forward to a long-term association with you and your team at NEoWave.”
Nitin J., India


Glenn Neely's Professional Trading course
(Neely River Trading technology)

In this LIVE, online course Mr. Neely introduces you to Neely River Trading technology - a results-oriented course focusing on enhancing your bottom line. Click here to learn more about this course.

“Mr. Neely, your hard work on NEoWave and Neely River Trading are really appreciated. Thank you, you changed my life and my family’s life.”
Gary L., United States


Mastering Elliott Wave Video Series - Only $59
12-Part Companion Video Series to the Book

In this educational and enlightening 12-week video series, you'll watch as Mr. Neely explains his classic book, chapter by chapter. Get started right now! Click here to get a FREE recording of Mr. Neely explaining Chapter 1.

“The Mastering Elliott Wave recorded classes are a treasure. I have watched them twice already.”
Nitin J., India


Mastering Elliott Wave, by Glenn Neely

If you are interested in Wave theory, reading this now-classic book is a must! Click here to buy a hardcover or digital version.

Mastering Elliott Wave is the best technical analysis book ever written, by a mile! I've read a LOT of books on technical analysis, rarely more than once. Glenn, I’ve read your book at least a dozen times cover to cover.”
Joshua G., United States


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