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12/4/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Check out NEoWave's new, FREE class: Wave forecasting / Wave analysis video class, presented by Glenn Neely

The NEoWave team is excited to announce that Glenn Neely’s first full-length video class is online and free!

In this 36-minute video class, Mr. Neely steps through basic NEoWave concepts, then follows a step-by-step approach to apply these concepts to real-time Wave charts. Even if you’re a long-time subscriber to NEoWave’s Forecasting service, you’ll find Mr. Neely’s explanations enlightening. 

In the class, Mr. Neely shares his in-depth knowledge about Wave forecasting. Here are two nuggets: 
  • “Reduce and manage the complexity of your Wave charts, so you can properly apply NEoWave's rules objectively (not subjectively, which is a major problem with orthodox Elliott Wave).” 
  • “A key step to good Wave counting is identifying the largest, fastest move on your Wave chart. Finding this historical event is critical to accurate Wave labeling.” 
To watch this video, use this link:
Then click the green button in the banner (“Experience a Real Class”) or the large “Watch Now” link.