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3/2/2021 - NEoWave Staff

Interested in NEoWave courses? Get insight (and inspiration) from REAL customer testimonials

We recently received several unsolicited testimonials from customers, thanking Glenn Neely for the depth of information and mentorship he shares in two LIVE online courses, personally taught by Mr. Neely.

If you're interested in taking a NEoWave course on Neely River Trading or advanced Wave forecasting, these REAL customer testimonials offer insight and inspiration.

NEoWave's Professional Trading Course - Neely River Trading technology

Classes begin March 18, 2021
"I’m enjoying using Neely River Trading, and my trading skills have improved immensely. Also, the NRT companion TradeStation software works perfectly. It’s a masterpiece. I have no issues with the current software version, but I am very excited to receive the new, updated version." Sola Pho, India
"For 40 years, my goal has been to find a system that can make me money in the share market in a structured manner. My results have been mostly poor. Immediately before Glenn Neely’s Neely River Trading technology course, I was up 55% one month and down 25% the next. The random nature and lack of control warned me that I could lose my capital again. Neely River has revolutionized my whole approach to shares and options. I am much more excited by Vertical spreads where I make solid continual returns of over 10% per month on average. When the market drops and my positions remain flat or even go up, I sleep better. The sophistication of Neely River is profound. Glenn, you are a magnificent teacher and mentor. Your generosity in running your courses and the patience you give to all students is inspirational. I am eager to continue to learn from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Bruce S. Davis, Australia
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The next Neely River Trading Course is on March 18th. Time is running out and there's only a few spots left. Enroll today to secure your spot!

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NEoWave's Advanced Wave Analysis Course

Classes begin in April 2021
"I started trading cryptocurrencies in 2017 using all forms of technical analysis from RSI, MACD, moving averages, divergence trading, and orthodox Elliott Wave. I wasn’t profitable using those forms of technical analysis. I was very lucky to take NEoWave’s Advanced Wave Analysis Course. The most important thing NEoWave taught me was to follow certain rules, so my emotions and opinions would be removed from my trading. As a result, I was finally able to become profitable using the NEoWave rules. Thank you for teaching your course, Mr. Neely. I look forward to taking your Neely River Trading course when I switch over to swing trading in the future." Duong Vu, Canada
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The next NEoWave's Advanced Wave Analysis Course is in April. This popular course fills up fast and early registration is encouraged.

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