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Neely River Trading Software
A Revolutionary Software Suite for TradeStation®

Robust software that helps you focus on trading strategy, so you can improve your bottom-line results

Decades ago, Trading Advisor Glenn Neely experienced a light-bulb moment: "Trading is like a river." This voila moment led him to develop and continually refine an entirely unique and revolutionary trading concept: Neely River Trading technology.

Key concepts include:

  • Objectively determining a market's trend (without forecasting)
  • Letting the market dictate entry points
  • Knowing when to quickly exit losing positions and when to let profits run

Next, he needed tools – software tools to help him focus on trading strategy and guide him to improve his trading results. Working closely with his dedicated programmer, Glenn Neely developed the Neely River Trading Software for TradeStation®.

This robust software has a proven track record, offering these key benefits:

  • Substantially reduces the time required to plan market strategies.
  • Automatically calculates, plots, and draws all decision-based information.
  • Leaves traders and investors free to focus on trading strategies, trading performance, and results.

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How can I purchase Neely River Trading Software?

When you enroll in the NEELY RIVER Professional Trading Course, you receive a Free Limited-Time Trial of the Neely River Trading (NRT) software. The software is incorporated into the course curriculum. This means you see the software in use while benefiting from Glenn Neely's step-by-step guidance in real-time market trading.

After the course, you can purchase a yearly subscription of the NRT Software. This state-of-the-art trading software is subscription based and currently only available for TradeStation®.

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Are there Add-Ons to the Neely River Trading Software?

Neely River Profit Protection Software

This "intelligent" trading software app integrates information from your TradeStation® account, guiding you to protect your profits and preserve your capital. Now you can stop worrying about moving stops or predicting what the markets will do next. Just run the software, and you'll know what to do!

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How can I get started? Is there a free trial?

Start with a FREE TRIAL of the Neely River Profit Protection Software.

Just run this trading software and it will automatically identify those positions you need to protect, exit at a profit, or exit to quickly cut losses. BOTTOM LINE: Unemotionally manage dozens of positions in a few minutes each day!

Trial requires TradeStation® account

Read Testimonials...

"Neely River Trading has had a huge impact on my portfolio's performance. I am now managing money with a confidence I never had before." James W. V., Financial Planner, United States
"My trading is based on Neely River Theory. This year I will end with a 50% return." Manish K., India
"I've made trades I never would have normally made, and I have made money, thanks to you. Now I have a trading tool that gives me a great deal of confidence in the market." Mark G., Australia