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Neely River Trading Software
Software, Technology and Add-Ons developed for TradeStation®

A software that does all the hard work so you can focus on strategy and results

The Neely River Trading Software for TradeStation® ($2000 value) is a unique software developed by Glenn Neely. The software gives traders access to a state-of-the-art trading technology. The software is subsription base and currently only available on TradeStation®.

The software will:

  • Reduce the time required to plan market strategies substantially.
  • Calculates, plots, and draws all decision-based information automatically.
  • Leaves the user free to focus on trading trategies and results.

Are there Add-Ons to the NRT Software?

The Neely River Trading Software for TradeStation® also include an Add-On for an additional fee:

How can I purchase Neely River Trading Software?

To purchase the software, you must have a TradeStation® account. Please email Terrence (NRT Technical Support) at or fill out our Contact Form to complete the purchase and set up of the softare.

Can I preview the Neely River Trading Software before purchasing?

Glenn Neely's trading courses includes a FREE LIMITED TIME TRIAL of the Neely River Trading (NRT) software. With the software incorporated into the course curriculum, students get a preview of using the software and benefit from Mr. Neely's step-by-step guidance in real-time market trading. Students have the option to purchase a yearly subscription of the software at the end of the course.

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What is the Neely River Profit Protection Software? Is there a trial period?

Neely River Profit Protection Software is a trading software to protect your profits and preserve your capital.

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Read Testimonials...

"Neely River Trading has had a huge impact on my portfolio's performance. I am now managing money with a confidence I never had before." James W. V., Financial Planner, United States
"My trading is based on Neely River Theory. This year I will end with a 50% return." Manish K., India
"I've made trades I never would have normally made, and I have made money, thanks to you. Now I have a trading tool that gives me a great deal of confidence in the market." Mark G., Australia