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August 20, 2019

News: FUND PERFORMANCE: NEoWave, Inc. Announces Current Standing of NEoWave Equity Fund

 Today, NEoWave, Inc.'s founder Glenn Neely releases the current performance of the NEoWave Equity Fund. To date, this Fund is up 24% in 2019, which is 5% better than the performance of the S&P 500. 

August 20, 2019 - NEoWave founder Glenn Neely has announced the NEoWave Equity Fund's current performance with fund members and has opted to share the Fund's current standing with the public. To date, the NEoWave Equity Fund is up 24% in 2019, which is 5% better than the S&P 500's performance. 

Glenn Neely launched the NEoWave Equity Fund in 2009. This is the first and only portfolio based on Neely's proprietary Neely River Trading Technology and NEoWave Theory. The creation of this investment fund is the culmination of Glenn Neely's successful 35-year career in technical innovation, trading, and advanced Elliott Wave forecasting.

With market professionals and successful traders already invested, the Fund continues to build a unique group of investors who value the knowledge and trading skills of an internationally recognized organization. This powerful and successful combination is not available from any other source or investment fund.

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About Glenn Neely and NEoWave, Inc.
Internationally regarded money manager, trading advisor and Elliott Wave analyst, Glenn Neely has devoted over 30 years to advance Wave forecasting and trading strategy. His now-famous NEoWave methodology provides a precise, step-by-step, logical assessment of market structure, which typically leads to more accurate forecasts. His Neely River Trading Technology assists in creating lower-risk trading strategies, with a dual emphasis on effective trades and capital preservation. Wave analysts and Elliott Wave enthusiasts rely on NEoWave’s Forecasting Services to guide their market expectations for the S&P, T-Notes, Gold and Euro. Professional investors and traders worldwide trust Glenn Neely’s highly specific trading advice on NEoWave’s Trading Services: World Markets, Fixed Income, Commodities and Currencies. Click to learn more about NEoWave Trading services and NEoWave Forecasting services: