Question of the Week: 6/9/2010

How does your analysis differ from orthodox Ellioott Wave analyst's who, once again, are predicting a depression and a Dow down to 400?


NEoWave has been telling me the same thing for more than 2 impulsive advance began in 1982. Wave-4 (down) of that impulsion commenced September 2000 and will last about 20 years, maybe more. Wave-5 of this 70-80 year bull market will start around the year 2020 and produce the most powerful advance in history. The DOW will easily exceed 100,000 (potentially 200,000) by or before the year 2065! If you look in the back of MASTERING ELLIOTT WAVE, there is an article written for CYCLES magazine in the summer of 1988 which maps out this exact, same scenario. In other words, I've had the same, long-term perspective on the U.S. stock market for 22 years!

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