Question of the Week: 4/21/2010

On your website you say "X-waves are allowed to (and should) take more time than the preceding A-B-C correction IF that X-wave is larger in price." On another portion of your website you say "X-waves should NEVER take more time than the entire A-B-C correction before it." Which is true?


The above statements refer to two, different types of X-waves. One where the X-wave is larger in price than the prior A-B-C Flat (or Triangle). The second where the X-wave is 61.8% or less in price of the prior A-B-C.

In the first instance, where wave-X is larger in price, it can (and frequently is) more time consuming than the total time of the prior A-B-C. In this second instance, when wave-X is 61.8% or LESS in price of the prior A-B-C, it must also be LESS time-consuming than the prior A-B-C (or at least not more time-consuming).

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