Question of the Week: 1/20/2010

Do you have software that does NEoWave analysis? If not, why not?


In my book MASTERING ELLIOTT WAVE (MEW), I present wave analysis in a very logical, step-by-step fashion. Because of the methodical approach I developed and present in MEW, many arrive at the false conclusion NEoWave can be coded into a computer like a math problem. The person who posed this question even asked in his original question, "if NEoWave is 90% mathematical, why don't you have a program written to do the analysis"?

First, NEoWave is NOT 90% mathematical, it is 90%+ logical, but that does not mean it can be programmed. Teaching a computer to reason and deduce (the logical part), eliminate possibilities or make exceptions where allowed, balance multiple factors against others, plus think dynamically and creatively, are ALL extremely difficult - if not outright impossible - to program. I wouldn't even attempt to create/write a program that did wave analysis. You could spend 10-20 years and not have anything close to what the human brain is capable of understanding in just a few days, weeks or months about wave analysis. What you can personally learn and understand about wave theory in 1-2 years could take a life-time to program into a computer. By the time you are halfway through your lifetime price behavior may have evolved some new behaviors, which the brain can adapt to quickly, but could take months or years to recode into a complex trading program.

Your time is FAR better spent on learning and understanding the logic behind NEoWave, then applying it to the right types of charts (cash only, in "wave" fashion with highs and lows plotted in the order they occurred in real time). Your conclusions will be more accurate than a computer's, your ability to adapt is far superior and you have the ability (a computer does not) to realize when new wave phenomenon might be developing that requires additions to prior theory (such as when I realized 7-legged Diametrics and 9-legged Symmetricals were new phenomenon required to explain price action into the late 90's and early 2000's.

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