Question of the Week: 9/12/2023

Question of the Week Forum (End of an Era)


For nearly 20 years, I've posted answers to questions coming in from customers and fans all around the world. Combining all the available information in the Question of the Week section with the "scientific" Wave analysis approach - spelled out in my book Mastering Elliott Wave - I feel we've reached the point where no NEW questions are being asked.

In the past, often I would privately answer questions that were already covered in my book OR I would elaborate on questions already available and searchable in the Question of the Week library. Now, with the "Question of the Week" library basically complete (it contains answers to all questions about new patterns and discoveries made since my book was written), I've decided it's time to close this chapter of my career.

For those really wanting to advance their NEoWave skills in real time, you can always join one of our Advanced Wave Analysis courses taught to groups of 10-20 people. For details, contact

Thank you for your interest and decades of questions many of you have sent in to help make this a very comprehensive library of NEoWave Rules, Concepts and Patterns.

If you're looking for answers to YOUR NEoWave questions, simply go to this page...

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Glenn Neely
NEoWave, Inc.

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