Question of the Week: 3/1/2023

Thank you Glenn Neely for making Wave analysis logical and scientific. I have a question. "When doing analysis, should I start with the smallest time frame and work my way up OR begin with the largest time frame and work my way down?"


40 years ago, when I was working on my book Mastering Elliott Wave, I assumed working from the smallest time-frame upward was the best approach for accurate, long-term forecasting. After 4 decades in this business, I now know that was the one big mistake made in my book. GOOD Wave analysis must ALWAYS begin from the LARGEST TIME FRAME (where structure is clear and confirmed) then slowly move to each lower time frame (1/5 the size of the larger) until you reach a daily chart. I DO NOT recommend attempting analysis on charts below a daily high/low time frame. It will be too tedious and yield poor results.

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