Question of the Week: 6/5/2022

During national holidays, financial markets are often closed. As a result, the number of bars for such weeks are less than 5. In those situations, do we use the next Monday's data to complete the 5-bar high/low Wave plot OR do we simply plot the high and low of the actual week, even though it is missing a day?


When a week is missing a day (due to holiday or other reason), just locate the highest and lowest points of the week (between Monday and Friday), plot them in the order they occurred - still placing them equidistant apart - then connect each plot with a straight line. Never try to "make up for lost time" by adding future days, weeks or months to a plot. The same applies to intra-day plotting. When a holiday occurs, do not leave a blank space on your chart but simply connect the last active day to the new active day with no missing space between them.

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