Question of the Week: 8/8/2007

Can an X wave take place after a Flat even if the Flat does not channel "perfectly"?


This question refers to the NEoWave concept of "touch points." In Flats and Zigzags, there are only four (4) possible touch points along the two channels - the beginning of the pattern (point zero), wave-a, wave-b and wave-c. When any Flat or Zigzag has all of its touch points touching one of the two channels, under NEoWave it qualifies as "perfect channeling." When a Flat or Zigzag channels perfectly, it tells us an x-wave will follow and the pattern will become part of a larger, more complex correction (like those shown in Chapter 8 of Mastering Elliott Wave).

What the question above is asking is can an X-wave follow a Flat or Zigzag even if it does not channel perfectly...the answer is YES. But, keep in mind, an x-wave is mandatory when channeling is perfect, only possible when channeling is not perfect.

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