Question of the Week: 5/9/2007

Is it possible for waves-b and d in a triangle to consume less time than waves-a and c?


This is our first question from Ural, Russia (last time I saw that name was decades ago when I played RISK), sent in by Oleg Shtakan.

The simple answer is YES, but only in Expanding and NEoWave Neutral Triangles. You will not see this phenomenon in Contracting Triangles. If wave-b takes less time than wave-a in a Triangle, it also needs to be smaller in price - usually substantially smaller (i.e., less than 61.8%). NEoWave Reverse Alternation may be another reason wave-b takes less time than wave-a, but that situation is balanced when wave-d is much larger than wave-b in price, time and complexity.

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