Question of the Week: 6/11/2020

You suggest logarithmic charts when doing Wave analysis. Sometimes I see you use linear charts in your Forecasting services. What type of chart is best for accurate 0-2 and 2-4 trendlines and why do you switch back and forth?


Logarithmic charts are ALWAYS best (in every way) to get the most reliable channeling and Fibonacci price relationships - they are crucial when a market has gained or lost 25% or more in value.

Unfortunately, programs like Excel frequently will not show any price levels on the left (except the starting bottom value) when log scale is chosen, which makes price targets difficult to determine. So, if a market has not moved more than 5-10% for an extended period, I'll use arithmetic scales to make price levels easy for customers to see. Keep in mind, even when I present counts to the public on arithmetic charts, frequently I used Log scale charts (behind the scenes) to arrive at my scenarios.

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