Question of the Week: 6/2/2020

Is overlap between wave-d & wave-f essential to the development of a NEoWave Diametric formation?


Overlap is NOT required between waves-d & f of a Diametric nor is it required between waves-b & d. This fact can help you, at times, differentiate between a Triangle or Diametric forming (because overlap between waves-b & d is required in Triangles). Diametrics sometimes trend strongly, which can prevent overlap between counter-trend phases. The most important attribute of a Diametric is it must possess a substantial level of time similarity between 5 of its wave segments. Such time similarity is not allowed in Flats, Zigzags or Triangles. So, when you see a string of waves all taking similar amounts of time, that is a strong clue a Diametric is forming.

Glenn Neely

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