Question of the Week: 11/28/2005

What are the minimum requirements for wave-C following a running B-wave correction?


If wave-C is part of a Flat or Zigzag, wave-C should be at least 161.% of the price of wave-b of the running correction (i.e., wave-b of wave-B), but will almost always be 161.8% of the price of wave-A. Pattern implications do not necessarily carry through from one wave to the next in Triangles, so if wave-C is part of a Triangle (any version), the "power" implied by the running B-wave correction may not be represented by wave-C. In that case, wave-C should still be at least 161.8% of the price of wave-b of wave-B. NEoWave TIMING concepts will apply to the time consumed by wave-C, which is based on how much time wave-B took in relation to wave-A (see earlier "Questions of the Week" for details).

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