Question of the Week: 12/20/2006

Why is the NEoWave TRADING service separate from the NEoWave FORECASTING service. Isn't the purpose of both to successfully trade markets?


This is one of the most important questions ever asked on this forum, sent in anonymously from an email address most likely located in the United States.

For the first 15 years of my career, when my sole focus was super-detailed, accurate wave analysis, the WaveWatch service did not separate trading advice from wave analysis. The complex nature of that service prompted many customers to request I simplify all the "wave talk" and focus on "bottom line" trading tactics. At the same time, my more successful, professional customers were asking I provide my unique, NEoWave analysis without all the trading details to distract them from their own methodology. That is when I decided to separate NEoWave into two, distinct services - Trading advice and Chart analysis (Forecasting) - which allowed me to address the needs of two, unique market participant categories.

In just the last 5 years, I realized the division of my service into two parts was the beginning of a paradigm shift in my thinking and approach to markets. It was slowly becoming clear to me that accurate market analysis had virtually no relation to successful trading and vice versa. That profound realization is the nucleus of what I'm confident will become a revolution in the field of technical analysis - NEELY RIVER THEORY.

In 1990, with the introduction of MASTERING ELLIOTT WAVE, I presented what eventually came to be known as NEoWave - a new, logical foundation for the field of wave analysis and forecasting, allowing for more objective, scientific and accurate results. Similar to what NEoWave did for the field of wave analysis, NEELY RIVER THEORY will do in the realm of real-time trading. It presents the first, logical, scientific, objective, step-by-step, non-forecasting, non-mathematical approach to trading and investing ever devised.

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