NEoWave News
August 12, 2009

News: NEoWave Trading Service Now Advises On ETFS

August 12, 2009 - Glenn Neely, founder of NEoWave Institute and prominent Elliott Wave analyst, today announces that – after years of requests from customers – NEoWave Trading reports now track exchange traded funds (ETFs).

As many investors and traders know, ETFs are based on equity markets instead of futures markets. Because many stock portfolios cannot trade futures, NEoWave's new ETF offering allows customers to actively manage IRAs, 401(k)s, and other stock portfolios.

With this new addition, the NEoWave Trading service now supports the needs of long-term investors, not just traders and speculators. ETF trading involves substantially lower risk (unlike futures markets), eliminates issues with contract expirations, and allows long-term buy-and-hold (even sell-and-hold) strategies. Because of their inherently lower risk, ETFs allow investors to track investments without the need to watch markets every hour - or even every day.

Subscribers of the NEoWave Trading Service receive detailed trading strategies and specific buy-sell recommendations. NEoWave's new ETF advice exclusively addresses a Weekly time horizon. NEoWave Hourly and Daily trading advice remains focused on futures markets.

About Glenn Neely and NEoWave Institute

Glenn Neely, who is internationally regarded as the premier Elliott Wave analyst, founded the Elliott Wave Institute in 1983. In 1990, Neely published his advanced Wave analysis process in his now-classic book, Mastering Elliott Wave. In 2000, Neely changed the name of his research and advisory firm to NEoWave Institute to differentiate his scientific Wave analysis technology from orthodox, subjective Elliott Wave analysis, which is frequently nebulous, inaccurate, and constantly fluid.

What is Elliott Wave? In the early 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott presented his theory of market behavior, which quantifies each stage of an economic cycle into specific patterns of mass psychology. Glenn Neely has devoted more than 25 years to mastering and advancing the concepts of Wave theory. Neely refined Elliott Wave theory to make it objective, practical, and consistently accurate, producing his now-famous NEoWave technology. This precise, step-by-step assessment of market structure leads to low-risk, high-profit investing and trading. Orthodox Elliott Wave, devoid of such technology and rules, typically leaves the analyst with ambiguous interpretations, seriously flawed results, and dual-directional forecasts.

Today, decades after R.N. Elliott penned his original theory, countless investors and traders trust Neely's revolutionary, step-by-step NEoWave approach to market analysis. Devotees of NEoWave Institute and Glenn Neely are reaping the rewards of low-risk, high-profit investing. Learn more about Glenn Neely and NEoWave Institute at