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October 5, 2008

News: NEoWave Institute and Glenn Neely Celebrate 25th Anniversary in Market Forecasting Business

Examples of Recent NEoWave Forecasts Illustrate Extraordinary Accuracy

October 3, 2008 - This year, NEoWave Institute celebrates 25 years in business, an extraordinary accomplishment for any company, especially one in the futures business. For more than two decades, Glenn Neely, founder of NEoWave Institute, has provided NEoWave market analysis, forecasts and alerts to thousands of investors and traders around the world to earn more and protect their investments from volatile markets.

Neely, the internationally recognized Elliott Wave expert who can legitimately boast the most accurate forecasting track record, founded the Elliott Wave Institute in 1983. Twenty years ago, in 1990, Neely presented to the world an advanced Wave analysis process in his now-classic book, Mastering Elliott Wave. In 2000, Neely changed the name of his research and advisory firm to NEoWave Institute to differentiate his scientific Wave analysis technology from orthodox, subjective Elliott Wave analysis, which is frequently nebulous, inaccurate, and constantly fluid.

Two recent NEoWave forecasts, below, stand out and highlight the accuracy of this scientific, proven method.

1. NEoWave analysis enables Neely to state and publicly warn of impending major market and economic downturn.
June 6, 2008, forecast: "... Today's decline in the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq is warning PHASE 2 of the Bear market has begun or will begin in the next 3-6 weeks. This bear market will be like NOTHING we have experienced in 75 years! The odds are HIGH it will be a severe, deflationary recession that will unfold very swiftly - probably in just 6-12 months ... Financially and economically speaking, there will be few places to hide. Please prepare as well as you can for what should be 2-4 years of very difficult economic conditions."

Outcome: In recent days, only 3 months after Neely published his warning, U.S. stock markets have fallen precipitously with dire news of bankrupt titanic financial corporations and the U.S. government's impending $700 billion bailout.

2. Glenn Neely predicts the Gold market will rally. Within months, Gold hit historic highs.

Summer 2007 forecast: Throughout last summer, with Gold trading below $650, Neely advised subscribers of the major advance that was about to begin in the Gold market. Neely's forecast called for a $200 rally within the next few months.

Outcome: On November 9, 2007, the Gold market peaked at $847.60 per ounce, up 25% for the year. The August 25, 2008, release of Timer Digest shows NEoWave Gold Trading service as the most profitable service of its kind in the United States for the last 12 months.

About Glenn Neely and NEoWave Institute

In the early 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott presented his theory of market behavior, which quantifies each stage of an economic cycle into specific patterns of mass psychology. Glenn Neely read about the Elliott Wave principle in 1982 and was fascinated by its implications. Neely then devoted more than 25 years to mastering and advancing the concepts of Wave theory. His revolutionary NEoWave technology is the result, which provides a step-by-step method to apply Wave theory. This method is based strictly on price action (i.e., no oscillators, indicators, or moving averages are ever employed) and enables traders to analyze individual swings and group them correctly into larger wave patterns. The result? A precise assessment of market structure and potential that leads to low-risk, high-profit investing and trading.

Neely refined Elliott Wave theory to make it objective, practical, and consistently accurate. His vastly superior NEoWave technology dramatically improves the accuracy of Wave analysis. The core elements of NEoWave are logic, self-defining price/time limits, and self-confirmation. Orthodox Elliott Wave, devoid of such technology and rules, typically leaves the analyst with ambiguous interpretations, seriously flawed results, and dual-directional forecasts.

Today, decades after R.N. Elliott penned his original theory, countless investors trust Neely's revolutionary, step-by-step NEoWave approach to market analysis. Devotees of NEoWave Institute and Glenn Neely are reaping the rewards of low-risk, high-profit investing.

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